Retail and other Storefront Businesses

Retail and other Storefront Businesses

For most major retail and storefront businesses, it is absolutely necessary to accept credit cards if you want to achieve maximum prosperity. Shoppers will always assume that they can put POS purchases on their credit card. VMS can give you a merchant account at a lower rate than the competition as well as provide a wide range of credit card processing products to meet the specific needs of our retail merchants. With our high-quality equipment and value-added services, we are creating opportunities for department stores, convenience stores, flower shops, independent grocers and many more businesses that incur electronic transactions on a daily basis.

Retail Merchant Services
Common Retail Businesses:
Clothing Stores, Flower Shops, Grocery Stores, Electronics Stores, most storefront businesses

Recommended Solutions:
Nurit 3020
Hypercom T4100

Business Benefits:
• No hassle changing of printer paper
• Fast dial and processing speeds
• Less Counter clutter

Recommended Added Services:
Gift and Loyalty
Electronic Benefit Transfer
Business Cards
Web Development
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