The future of shopping has arrived with the help of Amazon Go. Thanks to this new innovative shopping technology, Amazon has literally made shopping easy for its Prime members and it’s expected to expand up to 3,000 stores by 2021. These innovative stores require no checkout. Prime members can now go to these stores and pick up the items they want without talking to anyone. All they have to do is walk into an Amazon Go store and the technology automatically charges the payment method they have on file in their Amazon Prime accounts. The best part about Amazon Go is that it has much you can leverage. Here are a few key benefits of using Amazon Go:

1. It’s Quick for Customers
Traditional stores require shoppers to pick out the items they want only to wait in a linevelocity-merchant-services-bottle-grab and use whatever payment method they have available. Businesses also have to have store clerks to service these customers. With Amazon Go, you walk in, grab whatever you like and can store the items in your backpack or bag and go home. It’s removing the need for cash and pushing the need for contactless payment and credit card services, too. There’s no need to wait in line since you get billed when you walk out the door with the items. This helps enhance the shopping experience since it’s quick for customers. It’s also safe and reduces the need for extra security guards or cashiers, which mean businesses can save on labor costs.

2. Returns are Fast

Traditional stores often require a receipt and the actual product that customers need returned in order to process a return. This takes time away from the customer, especially if they can’t find the card they purchased the product with or the receipt. With Amazon Go, you just need to open up your Amazon app, click on the item and select the return button. There is no need to bring the item or even fully explain the reason for the return. This helps expedite the return process.

3. It Offers Variety
Although the locations might be small, you can expect to find a wide selection of grocery velocity-merchant-servoces-amazon-go-inventoryitems to purchase, including BLT sandwiches with kale. Customers at the store can find other items, including chips, salad, dairy, meat, and even household. This helps businesses offer deep assortment of products to their customers.

3. Final Thoughts
Amazon Go is pushing the future of retail with its cashier-less grocery stores and offering tons of benefits. From saving on costs and faster checkouts, you can take advantage of the benefits Amazon Go brings and gain inspiration for infusing advanced technology in your retail store to enhance the customer experience.


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