The food truck as we know and love it today has revolutionized the way we eat and seized the imaginations of thousands of small business owners across the country. From gumbo on-the-go to take-out tacos, street food has never been so popular and it’s an industry that shows no signs of stopping.

logo-food-on-truckStreet food is as convenient as it is delicious, but if you aren’t offering your customers a convenient way to pay, you could be losing more customers than you think. In a society that is becoming increasingly dependent on mobile payment services and less so on cash, it makes sense for any food truck owner to explore alternative payment methods that make life easier and attract more customers as a direct result.

There was a time when these services were prohibitively expensive and only a viable option for larger retailers. Today, thanks to advances in technology and mobile connectivity, POS systems have become faster, better and more affordable. Most importantly, they are now readily available for the mobile business owner.

Clover Flex: The Many Benefits of Using POS Services For Your Mobile Business

Mobile payment solutions are no longer food for thought for mobile restaurants. For the food truck owner that understands the demands and expectations of today’s customer, they are a necessity. Clover Flex is one of the best offerings out there and provides an all-in-one payment solution that makes payment fast, simple and secure.

Clover Flex offers the following benefits to food truck owners:

* Allows you to accept all payment types, including magstripe, chip cards, and NFCgood_qualityCLOVER_FLEX_FRONT_385-transparentbg_1024x1024 payments such as Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

* This all-in-one system is compact, simple to operate and can sit on your counter without taking up valuable space.

* Funds are automatically transferred to your preferred bank account and could be in your account as quickly as the next business day. Reduce the amount of cash held in your register and the time you spend banking.

* All transactions can be easily tracked online allowing you to monitor your sales from your mobile phone.

Clover Flex Right For Your Business?

If you accept payments from your customers in person, then the answer is a definite yes. When you are running a food truck business, you often need to be where the action is. With a mobile payment service and credit card terminals, you can offer your customers a fast

and convenient way to pay, whether you are in your usual position or taking the truck out on the road to festivals and other events.

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