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How Tattoo Shops and Salons Can Maximize the Power of Their Schedule

Across every industry, in every sized business, controlling appointments is the cornerstone of financial and organizational success.

For small businesses, balancing a great customer experience and consistently high-quality work with the need for a full schedule is a constant battle. Here are some tactics that small businesses can use to control appointments

Keep the appointment at the top of your client’s mind

A simple reminder goes a long way. Most customers expect some sort of follow-up, confirmation, or reminder after they set an appointment at their favorite salon or tattoo shop. The Salon Scheduler app will take your hair salon or tattoo salon business to a whole new level, improving your business solutions.

Even your best customers, the ones that feel like friends, can forget. No-shows kill a small business’ ability to make a profit. A quick reminder helps even the most organized customer stay on-track. Don’t worry about carving out time in your schedule to leave a series of voicemails and messages every day. Many businesses use automated text reminders. Customers actually prefer this method of communication. It’s quick, painless, and it gets the job done. The smart POS system, Clover Station (2018), Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, all offer this feature.

Text reminders are typically customizable, so be sure to craft your message carefully. Include your business name, physical address, and a call-back phone number along with the time and date of the customer’s appointment.

When a customer misses their appointment, make a phone call to reschedule it as soon as possible.

Be brave about pointing out the negative repercussions that no-shows have on your business. A full schedule allows you to offer your sought-after services at the best possible prices to your entire customer base. No-shows force you to choose between reducing your income or raising your prices. Controlling your schedule allows you to provide the best possible customer service to all of your clients.

The best possible defense against no-shows is consistent and convenient reminders. Let your clients of your small business know that you appreciate a 24-hour advance notice if they can’t make their appointment time work.

Clover offers a full suite of apps to help small business owners keep their appointments organized, reduce no-shows by actively confirming with clients, and keep customer information easily accessible. 

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