As a retailer, you probably know what a point of sale (POS) system is. It’s a compact set of equipment with a computer, monitor, scanner, compartment for cash, printer and credit card reader.

Now, you might think POS systems are only for handling money. But the truth is that these products can also make money. How is that possible?

Well, just consider what Clover’s POS could do for you.

A “Rewarding” System
For starters, Clover has established an enticing rewards program that your customers can sign up for. Basically, you can provide discounts and other incentives to people who spend a certain amount in your store. That’s sure to boost revenue. Plus, once you create a special deal, you can send info about it to your members.

This program even lets you identify customers as soon as you see them. That way, you can use their names when you say hi. This kind of personal service really builds brand loyalty.

An “Advanced” Source of Funding
Clover’s cash advance program, meanwhile, funds promising businesses. It works as follows: You complete a brief application form. If approved, you get moola in about 72 hours. Could it be that simple? Yes, it could.

You’ll receive an amount of money relative to the monthly sum you typically take in from your customers’ Mastercard and Visa accounts. As a result, you can make investments immediately. At the same time, you have peace of mind. That’s because you know you can pay back the money you’ve been advanced.

Three Cheers for POS
Finally, when you have a cutting-edge, dependable and multifunctional POS system — exactly the kind of system that Clover produces — it makes your operations much more efficient. That translates into higher earnings.

Indeed, a great POS system offers multiple benefits. It makes payments quick and easy, keeping lines moving and customers happy (and more likely to return). It also tracks sales statistics and can generate detailed, customizable reports. Equipped with that knowledge, you can make sure you have enough of each product in stock. And you won’t carry too much of anything, which obviously wastes money.

Simply put, the right POS system could become a profit center, an information center and the very heart of your commercial enterprise without being unattractive. With the Clover POS (watch the video) you can have it all: Intelligence, Beauty and Function.


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