As a local barber shop, your business depends on service. It’s hard to get more one-on-one than the privilege of styling your customers’ hair. Many people become loyal to a barber because of how the shop makes them feel. Often that means they are comfortable, enjoy the experience of getting a haircut, and like the final product.

But every small business needs a bit of a boost. Loyalty programs formalize the relationship you already have with your customers. You reward those who come in often and tell their friends about you. You can show this appreciation in multiple ways, all of which make your customers want to continue to rely on your for their best look.

Excellent Customer Service Online and In-Shop

Your customers should always feel welcome. That starts with all of your people, from your fellow stylists to the person who takes care of reception. Encourage them to learn your customers’ names and make reminder calls the day before appointments. An email calendar invite for your customers to note down their next cut is another way of letting them know you expect them, and want them to keep coming.

Digital Gift Cards for That Next Cut

A bit of extra credit in the shop is great for everyone, for a number of reasons. You can give a digital card good for one cut after a set number of purchases. That way, customers get rewarded for buying hair product in the barber shop and for stopping by for a cut. If you want your customers to spread the word, you can also offer them a digital gift card for every referral. Think these are challenging to set up? With Clover you can program it right into your point of sale system.

The Extras: Snacks, Drinks, and Protection from the Rain

When you make your customers feel good, you naturally gain a loyal following. Use your own instincts of how to go the extra mile as a barber. Your customers will know the authenticity of your kindness. Some ideas include offering coffee, juice and mineral water while they wait for an appointment. If it’s a rainy day, offer them a free umbrella or similar head protection you may be willing to part with. They’ll leave your shop looking and feeling great, without worry the new look will be ruined by the elements.

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