There are four rules of successful delegation. 
Delegation is essential for managers and business owners. It’s an effective way to get more done, in less time. But this is something that managers must have the proper training to do. If not, the benefits of good delegation could be missed.

Here are a few top things to keep in mind when delegating tasks:

1. Prepare With the Right Information and Expectations
If you want your employees to deliver quality results, they need to know your expectations. So give them as much information as possible: budget, context, time frames, expected frequency and updates. Communicate often without changing your end goals, so they have a working plan to follow.

2. Delegate to the Committed Ones
You cannot just hand responsibility over to anyone in your company. Make sure that your delegates are the right people for the job. Are they aware of the goals, tasks, and consequences of not fulfilling your expectations or standards? Look for those who are committed to the success of the whole company and not just in it for the raise.

3. Ensure Accountability
Your staff and team members should know that you expect them to be accountable at all times. This might mean you leave the details of doing their job up to them, but you require regular reports and communication. Let them know how often they are expected to check in, and how much they can run on their own.

4. Have Clear Communication Platforms
You can use technology to enhance and improve company communications. Try cloud platforms for your conferences or projects and tasks, so that everyone is on the same page and can access necessary information or data at the same time. Without a clear plan for your overall communication established, chances are that some details may be lost in delegation.

Remember, in the beginning, you may have some growing pains. Learning to delegate, outsource, and teamwork can seem like more hassle at first. But with time, you’ll become more fluid at the delegation process, and things will flow.

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