Professional Services Point-of-Sale and Payment Processing

With Velocity Merchant Services, you can get secure, reliable point-of-sale and payment processing services for your business. But this isn’t some out of the box solution that forces you to bend your practices to some kind of convoluted workflow — VMS has partnered with Clover to offer a tailored, point-of-sale system that works for any business, large or small, that wants a better way to accept in-person or online payments.

From payments and comprehensive revenue reporting to employee scheduling and business management, VMS and Clover has your back — no matter what kind of service you offer.

POS for Professional and Service Businesses

As a cloud-based solution with no hardware required, you can start accepting payments for your business today with professional services and point-of-sale capabilities from VMS. It’s a payment processing system you can count on, and you’ll never have to miss another sale again when you accept all types of payments.

With Clover, you can accept credit cards, debit cards and gift cards in person and online, as well as contactless NFC payments such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. With WiFi enabled payment processing, you’ll also be able to accept payments from anywhere, whether you’re in the office or on the road, or even on the phone or in a customer’s home — it’s all possible with VMS and Clover.

The Right POS for You

Unlike other point-of-sale solutions that require you to bend to their will, Clover POS is the perfect fit for any sized business that wants to better manage their payments with true end-to-end processing and financial services that makes managing your money easier than ever.

Instead of a hodgepodge of disparate services, terminals and processing solutions, all of which make life more difficult for business owners that just want to get back to the important tasks of the day, you won’t have to spend hours making sense of your professional services and point-of-sale processing with Clover. From software to hardware and payment processing, too, everything’s integrated in a flexible, easy-to-use system that provides real insights and answers at the click of a button.

Day-One Support

With typical point-of-sale services, you’re on your own just as soon as you sign up. From setup to troubleshooting various issues, a new point-of-sale solution could represent a steep learning curve, especially if it doesn’t play nice with the other systems you rely on every day. Clover, on the other hand, arrives payment-ready — just turn it on and enter your banking details. 

If you have any problems, reach out to your account manager or one of our customer service reps and we’ll show you how to navigate any issue. Whether you prefer to reach out via chat, email or phone, we’re here to help you solve any issue with your Clover point-of-sale system.

Aside from troubleshooting, we’ll also work closely with you to get the most out of your professional point-of-sale services, even if a clumsy moment has rendered your terminal inoperable. Just let us know and we’ll send a new device out so you can get back online and collecting payments.

And because we’re always looking for ways to do better, we also accept feature requests if you ever encounter something that can be done in a better way. One of our great pride points is how adaptable our solutions are to any business — but if something’s not working right for you, we want to know.

Made for Your Business

With Clover, you get an integrated, all-in-one point-of-sale system that does it all. From helping you accept payments to managing your business through our friendly interface, you’ll be able to get more done while understanding more about your business than you ever thought possible. Our gift card and loyalty card capabilities also allow you to reward your best customers with perks just like the biggest companies do.

Connected to the cloud and to each other, you’ll gain three ways of accepting payments — mobile, handheld and countertop — for always-on capabilities no matter what kind of business you run. The Clover Dashboard is the cherry on top, allowing you to dig into insights and even open up a Virtual Terminal from any device. 

On the Go, in Your Hand or in the Office

If you’re on the road or on the go, Clover and VMS allows you to accept payments anywhere — great for one-person shops and remote associates that rarely spend their time sitting at a desk. With Clover Go, you’ll be able to accept payments with any modern smartphone; just pair the reader and you’re set!

The mobile app isn’t some crippled version of our desktop software — it’s like taking your entire business with you. Accept payments, search for transactions and dive into reporting from anywhere — and support’s built in, as well. The sleek and compact card reader easily fits in a pocket, bag or folder, meaning that a professional point-of-sale service is always within reach.

For in-house associates and brick-and-mortar stores that want to leverage the flexibility of accepting payments anywhere on the floor, Clover Flex gives you everything you need to process payments and even print and email receipts right from the device. Instead of buying new phones for payment processing, use our powerful, hand-held device to interact directly with the customer and even read barcodes.

In the office, professional point-of-sale services are always within reach with the Clover Mini. More advanced than the Clover Flex and Clover Go, the Clover Mini is a sleek answer to bulky terminals and legacy payment processing contraptions. It’s small enough to fit just about anywhere, but it’s powerful enough to run your entire business. Whether you use it just for payments or to run your business’ inventory or payroll, you can do it all with a Clover Mini and VMS.

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, at home or on the go, Clover’s convenient dashboard means that you can get some work done whenever you have a few extra minutes. Manage employees or take a look at easy-to-understand reports that keep you in the know, or browse your rates and service and fee listings directly from your phone or computer.

For payments that have to be made without the customer or card present, Virtual Terminal yields a professional point-of-sale service that you can bring up on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Never miss another payment again with the power of Clover and VMS — your partners in payment processing solutions.

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