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Do you use Clover for your POS System at your restaurant, food truck, or other food-serving business? Then you should take advantage of the latest Clover POS apps designed to help growing restaurants find more efficient, data-friendly and mobile ways to engage with customers while completing transactions. We encourage you to find which apps work best for your company and budget. The great news is many are free or relatively inexpensive, and there are literally hundreds of apps for your Clover POS!

Reach out & bring new customers through the door. Send real-time promotions directly to customers by email & text. Promos free social media integration is equipped to post promos automatically.

Detailed customer information and transaction history is at your fingertips. Customers makes it easy to understand your customers buying habits. You can easily send birthday wishes & coupons.

Online Orders
Online ordering with your full menu is easy with the Online Orders App. It automatically sends orders to your kitchen, automatically updates inventory and the text-message order-confirmation is built in to eliminate fake orders.

Keep your regular customers coming back. Rewards lets you create a fun, effective loyalty program in just minutes by announcing your program to your contact list & social media with just one click. This app even lets you create your own coupon codes.

Time Clockrestaurant_apps_quote.png
Time Clock is a free app and the #1 app on Clover and trusted by 50,000+ businesses to manage employee schedules, breaks, overtime, tip tracking, timesheets, payroll exports and more! Homebase is the only tool you need to manage your team.

Feedback lets you hear what your customers think directly from them. It will manage negative feedback for you by keeping harmful negative reviews off of review sites and social media. Feedback lets you offer coupons to ensure repeat business too!

Kitchen Display
Kitchen Display is designed to work with the Register app (or similar register software) as a direct line from a Clover Station to the kitchens. When an order is entered into register software, it appears on a kitchen display (usually a tablet or similar device). This kitchen-based order comes with the ability to complete orders or send them back as needed. If orders are getting late, a customized timer can chime to help speed things up. The app costs $10 per month for the basic version and $24 for full-service restaurants with many more ordering options.

Happy Hour
Does your restaurant include a happy hour? Managing the various discounts you want to provide can take time, but the Happy Hour app makes the process far easier. This allows you to manage multiple discounts for drinks, appetizers, and similar items with automatic controls that apply the discounts when happy hour starts and raise prices again when happy hour is over. Multiple special event discounts and weekend happy hours can be added and saved for future use.

Trivia Nights
Have you been trying to include trivia nights into your restaurant but are having trouble managing the process? That’s exactly why Clover has created the Trivia Nights app: This app supports up to 12 teams that can be digitally managed, along with digital access to questions and answers. Other handy tools like a timer and a help button will make sure that trivia nights go off without a problem.

Waitlist Me
Although you can’t necessarily control the cleanliness of your customers, you can take efforts to minimize wear and tear on your Clover POS by prohibiting cashiers or others who regularly operate the device from storing food or beverages near it or operating it while eating lunch or a snack. Minimizing the stickiness or greasiness of the fingers used to operate your POS can go a long way toward extending the time needed between cleanings.



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