Beauty salons can be hectic places, with customers coming in for appointments and others making appointments for the future, buying products and paying their bills. If your salon is like most, a handful of people handle all of these functions on any given day. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an automatic assistant that could handle many of these routine, but essential, tasks for you? That’s exactly what Salon Scheduler can do.

What is Salon Scheduler?

Salon Scheduler is a software program designed especially for beauty salons. Just a few of its functions include making appointments, sending text reminders about upcoming appointments, entering notes for the stylist and making automatic appointments for customers with regular, standing appointment times.

Benefits of using Salon Scheduler

1. You can better control your time.

Salon scheduling software allows you to regain control of your time and be able to spend more time with your clients. With the software to make appointments and take care of many routine tasks, you won’t be running for the phone every time it rings and can actually concentrate on what has made your salon so successful, offering great salon services.

2. You reduce the risk of missed calls and potential appointments.

By automating your appointment function, you’ll never be unavailable, so you’ll greatly reduce the risk of missing appointments.

3. You improve your customer service.

By using salon scheduling software, your customers are able to make appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

4. You’ll have fewer no-shows.

Salon Scheduler sends out automatic reminders to clients about their upcoming appointments, which reduces the chance that they could forget about the appointment. No-shows cost salons money, so just this one feature could more than pay for the software.

Bottom line

The days of harried salon owners running around trying to be all things to their clients are gone. Salon software, such as Salon Scheduler can help you better manage your business while being able to spend more time with your clients. To learn more about Salon Scheduler and to see what it can do for your beauty business, contact Velocity Merchant Services today at 888-902-6002.

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