Many small business owners are under the impression that point of sale (POS) systems are only valid for retail businesses. This is simply not the case. There are many small businesses that can enjoy great benefits from using POS systems – more than you may even realize at first glance. In fact, most service-oriented businesses have much to gain by incorporating a POS service into the business – especially thanks to the wide range of Apps that are now so easy to incorporate into your POS system.

Benefits of POS Systems for Service Industry Businesses

A solid, state-of-the-art POS system does so much more than ring up sales. It manages inventory and can even notify you when supplies are low and you need to reorder. It can schedule and manage appointments – you can even allow customers or patients to schedule appointments online – and schedule reminders. It can accept payments through debit cards, credit cards, give cards, checks, cash, and even accept contactless payments for your business. It also provides for the security of customer payments, data, and information from hackers.

It is worth nothing that not all POS systems are created equally. Your business has unique and specific needs for managing inventory and supplies, scheduling appointments, and even accepting payments. The frustrating thing for some business owners who have tried POS systems in the past is that they have been notoriously static. As the needs of the business evolved, they outgrew their POS systems.

The key, today, is in selecting a POS system that is highly customizable to meet the everchanging needs of your business. That means your POS system can grow and evolve as the needs of your business do the same. Clover Station is a POS system that does just that. It is simple to use, install, and learn. Plus, it offers a wide variety of Apps that allow you to truly make the system your own.Svc_Industry_quote.png

You might want to begin with the Clover Mini which is excellent for secure transactions and payment processing and then scale up to the more comprehensive Clover Station for a robust POS system that can do so much more. The Apps you can use with your Clover Station truly make all the difference in the world – especially for service industry businesses like yours.

Real World Examples of Apps in Business

There are many different types of Apps that have been built to assist businesses in every industry that use the Clover Station Point of Sale System. These are just a few choice ways Clover Apps can benefit regular businesses.

Hair Studios and Salons
You work in a fast-paced environment. Appointments come in throughout the day for different treatments and services. You use inventory taking care of these customers and sometimes make retail sales. There are Clover Apps that can help manage all these things and more. These are a few apps that can help your business run more smoothly.

  • Time Clock – Schedule employees and keep track of payroll with this convenient app that also happens to be free.clock_8001380058622269776_200x200.png
  • Salon Scheduler – This paid app is worth its weight in gold for busy salons as it allows you to schedule weekly appointments, send SMS reminders, and receive SMS responses. You can also view a customer journal that allows you to view the past service history with specific customers.
  • Waitlist Me– Another free App, this one offers paid upgrades as your business and needs expand, Waitlist Me is a service that allows you to send texts or phone call notifications to customers when it’s their turn.

These apps can be highly useful for hair salons, nail studios, day spas, and other similar businesses. Plus, if you search around the App market you will find plenty of Apps designed to help with things like taxes, upselling, and other business essentials.

Auto Repair Shops
The auto repair industry is one that is beginning to understand the importance and convenience of bringing technology into the fold. While there has been some reluctance in the past, many shops are now embracing technology and what it has to offer. A POS system is another step in the right direction especially when working with a Smart POS system that incorporates Apps like these:

  • Waitlist Me – As described above, Waitlist Me allows you to notify customers when it’s their turn through text or email notifications. In the case of auto repair shops, you can use this to notify customers when their repairs are complete so they can pick up their vehicles.waitlistme-playstore-logo_200x200px_7306214083651796375_200x200.png
  • Appointments Pro – This useful App allows you to manage employ schedules (including available hours), customer appointment schedules, set SMS reminders, and manage customer contact information. It has the added benefit of integrating with Google Calendar so customers can receive notifications that way as well.
  • Rewards – Offers a simple tool to create a loyalty program with your customers. It can be as simple as offering a free basic oil change after so many visits or something far more complex. The basic version is free with a paid version available for more complex rewards.

Take a look around and see what other apps you might find useful for tracking parts and supplies, managing taxes, and more. Other Apps you might want to consider include:

Promos – Allows you to connect with repeat customers to bring them back into the fold with special offers.

Feedback– Allows you to hear directly from your customers about what they loved and hated about their visit and helps to keep negative reviews and feedback out of the public forum.

These are just a few examples of how service businesses can use the Clover POS system to improve their business, streamline appointment settings, process payments, and improve customer experiences. Just imagine what it can do for your business.



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