Smoke Shop POS Systems and Credit Card Processing

Few industries have grown and changed more in recent years than the smoke shop industry. What used to commonly be a bodega on the corner of your neighborhood that sold cigarettes, cigars and lighters has grown exponentially both in terms of the inventory they stock and the types of services they provide. If you’re a smoke shop owner or manager, you understand just how involved this business is and how much you need to take care of to make sure that your operation is running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. Of course, the number one priority, which is hardly unique to the smoke shop industry, is the satisfaction of the customer, and one of the ways to take care of customers is to make it easy for them to pay for their goods.


Velocity Merchant Services, or VMS as our clients know us, provides smoke shop POS solutions for every possible variable and particularity. We offer solutions that provide our clients with, above all else, the peace of mind they deserve in knowing that when their customers are ready to pay their bill, they’re going to be able to do so without hassle or delay and in a way that will actually feel rewarding to them. Below we’re going to delve into what VMS can offer by way of the Clover® solution to deliver smoke shop POS systems that do the job right.

Smoke Shop POS Systems – What VMS Delivers

One thing we fully understand with regards to smoke shop POS solutions is that no two approaches are ever exactly alike. Every shop has its own unique qualities and its own particularities in how it wants this aspect of their business run. VMS, through the Clover® solution, offers endless benefits and features in this regard. Below you’ll find just five examples:


  1. Payment Flexibility – Some smoke shop customers like paying with credit cards, while others prefer debit cards. If you run this type of shop, you may even need to accept gift cards from time to time. What you don’t want to do is decline any of these types of payments because your smoke shop POS system can’t handle them. VMS provides solutions that will have you accepting whatever mode of payment you want to receive.
  2. Commissions/Tips – Some smoke shops offer customers the ability to add a gratuity to their payment, while other, high-end shops will even pay their associates at least partially on sales commissions. VMS provides these capabilities out of the box so you can track all of it accurately and in real-time. 
  3. Customer Loyalty – Smoke shop customers tend to be loyal not only to their brands, but also to their shops. Generally, they’re not going to change what works well for them. That’s why a customer loyalty program makes a lot of sense to a lot of smoke shop owners. VMS can provide a smoke shop POS system that tracks customer spending and offers rewards at certain thresholds.
  4. Robust Performance – If you think about being a customer in any type of business, you can probably remember at least one time when a POS system wasn’t working for whatever reason. It was annoying and it prompted you to remember that business negatively. VMS offers robust performance and 24/7 support in case you ever need it so you can keep running along.
  5. Clover® – Clover is a system that offers all of the options above and many more, and what’s best about it is that it can be individually tailored to fit your smoke shop POS payment needs down to the smallest detail. 

Common Expectations For a Smoke Shop POS System

While VMS can provide the Clover® smoke shop POS system immediately so that it fits your business needs, the bottom line is that as different as smoke shops are in every market, there are some things that all of them share in terms of ongoing payment system and management needs. We’ve mentioned Clover® more than once now, and below we’d like to provide five more benefits to using it:


  1. Compliance – Every smoke shop owner knows full well that there are quite a few compliance requirements with regards to selling tobacco, CBD or any other related product. Clover® allows you handle tasks that will help you track and maintain compliance with different legal standards and requirements.
  2. Payment flexibility – We discussed this above, but it bears repeating: You need to make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay for their goods. The more they have to wait, the more they have to dig for new forms of payment, the less they’re going to think of your smoke shop. Clover® eliminates that worry.
  3. Security – Regardless of your industry, whether you’re dealing with a smoke shop POS system or a system for any other type of business, you have to depend on that system to protect data properly. Clover® does that such that you won’t have to worry about problems in this regard.
  4. Inventory Management – Obviously, you need to keep close track of your inventory, both for business and legal/compliance purposes. Clover® can help you handle this aspect of your operation as well, saving you time, money and stress.
  5. App compatibility – As a business owner or manager, you’ll need to manage inventory, schedules for employees, payroll and the like. Clover® has industry-leading app-compatibility capabilities, allowing you to put the power of the best apps on the market to work for you.

Let VMS Get You Started

Ultimately, your smoke shop POS system is one that’s going to depend almost completely on your individual needs. That’s why, instead of simply purchasing some cookie cutter, off-the-shelf “solution,” you’ll need to make sure that all of your needs, goals and expectations are accounted for before you invest in that smoke shop POS functionality. 

The best way to get started in this regard is to contact a Clover® professional with Velocity Merchant Services today. He or she will walk you through the options that best fit your needs and help you get started on a new way of not only accepting payments, but doing business. Get started today!


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