If you want to borrow money to buy property or supplies, your credit report matters. Credit reports are reports that provide a detailed history of an individual’s borrowing and payment patterns. Lenders use this report to assess a consumer’s ability to repay loans. Credit reports also help lenders determine the appropriate loan terms to grant potential borrowers. Thus, it’s critical for individuals to monitor their credit reports. But even as a business owner, it’s important to watch your credit. Here’s why:

Credit Reports Delve in the Details

While credit scores are important for gaining a numerical value on a business’ financial health, credit reports help lenders get the details of your company’s past buying habits. Credit reports can reveal a variety of items, including reported payment terms and history, past due accounts and tax liens. Business customers can also review your credit report with your permission to determine the long-term health of your business and decide whether or not investing in your business is ideal or risky.

Lenders Can Perform Credit Checks 

If you want to borrow money to finance a project or even get a line of credit to order supplies, lenders may perform a credit check. Credit checks are used for a variety of reasons, including determining your history of making on-time payments and the different types of credit you may have on your account. For example, some lenders may check your credit if you need working capital but do not meet the minimum credit card processing volume. Lenders are determining the financial risk involved in extending you credit when they perform a credit check. Potential business partners may also run a credit check on your business to determine the risk of doing business with your company.

You Can Identify Errors With a Credit Report

Lenders can make mistakes when reporting your buying and repayment history for your credit report. Thus, it’s important to check your business credit report for errors. Your credit report is a simple way to spot mistakes and even detect possible fraud. For instance, you can check your credit report for unauthorized lines of credit or old accounts that are showing open and unpaid. You can respond to a credit check by following the procedures of the credit reporting agency. Sometimes, this involves contacting the business directly to correct the mistake.

Final Thoughts

Reviewing your credit report is essential as a business owner if you have plans to get financing for purchases for your business. Even if your business decides to extend a line of credit to customers or lend money in the future, it’s critical to have insight on the borrower’s past buying patterns. So, it’s important to keep up-to-date with credit reports.

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