There is no dearth of successful women in the world today. You can find leading women at multiple levels in multiple industries, politics and professions. If you were to break them all down you will quickly find that they have a particular set of characteristics that define who they are. These traits sharpen their work ethic and help them balance their work and life harmoniously.

Here we’ll take a look at some of those traits and see what you can learn from some of these inspiring women.

Successful Women Are Tenacious

The stereotypical businesswoman who has to work hard long hours to compete with her male counterparts. This stereotype is based, at least partly, in truth. According to Carolyn Rodz, CEO of Market Mentor, working in a male dominated field is a beneficial factor. She asserts that the environment pushes you to work harder as a woman to prove yourself since men don’t understand women.

It goes without saying that people who work the hardest will rise to the top. When you keep pushing yourself to be above the rest of your male peers, that gives you a constant goal to work towards. Successful women have this tenacity to be above the rest of their peers.

Knowing How To Prioritize Their Time

For women, achieving a work-life balance is a challenge, but it’s not an insurmountable one. One of the most important skills for businesswoman, who are also mothers, is learning how to prioritize their time. There are times when you can put off an email to attend to children’s activities and others when work becomes more pressing. However, learning to make those decisions is an important skill that many successful women have to learn.

A report in the Chicago Tribune followed businesswomen in a leadership training camp and uncovered some common behaviors. For them, learning to define work-life balance according to their own needs was a huge factor that lead to their happiness and eventual success.

They Constantly Improve Themselves

Personal achievement doesn’t come from being stagnant. Career advancement usually requires gaining additional skills and knowledge. Successful women know that. One of the most important keys to career success is lifelong learning.

As older methodologies and technology gets outmoded, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the newer techniques in order to stay relevant. Women who climb the corporate ladder know that acquiring these skills from overseas experience to management skills can make them more valuable. Remember, it’s not always about how much time you spend working in the office, but also about how you spend the time effectively.

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