Salon POS Systems and Credit Card Processing

A day at the salon is supposed to be relaxing, exciting and even somewhat luxurious. The last thing it should be for anyone who patronizes a salon is annoying. There are few things more bothersome than having to spend a lot of time trying to pay someone for goods or services. Unfortunately, too many salons still take an archaic approach to accept the payment such that it can cause delays and other problems, souring the entire experience for the client. Salon POS systems are critically important in order to make extending and accepting payment as easy and as efficient as possible. Velocity Merchant Services can help you obtain this capability if you currently lack it.

The Best Salon POS Systems for Your Business

These days, salon POS systems – which stands for “Point-of-Sale” – are much more advanced than they were even a handful of years ago. You owe it to yourself and your salon clients to offer as much flexibility and security as possible when they extend their payments to you at the end of their appointments. Velocity Merchant Services, also known as VMS, offers a wide range of flexibility that you can in turn offer to your patrons, thereby building loyalty and encouraging them not only to return regularly, but to tell others about your salon. 

That’s right – with VMS, you can use our salon POS systems not only to get paid, but also to help fuel your word-of-mouth marketing, and we all know that word-of-mouth is the most powerful and persuasive marketing that exists. Give yourself this capability today, and below are just a few specific examples of the types of payment options you can provide instantly when you work with us:

  1. Mode of Payment – People like to pay for goods and services in different ways. Some prefer credit cards because they’re trying to accrue points and/or protect themselves. Others prefer debit cards because they don’t want to manage extra bills at the end of the month. Still others, if you engage in this type of marketing campaign, may want to pay with gift cards. Salon POS systems need to be able to accommodate all of these, and VMS does just that and more for you.
  2. No Downtime – Is there anything more stressful for a salon owner – or any small business owner for that matter – and a client or customer than having to wait for a system to reboot so that payments can be accepted? It harms the entire experience. VMS offers support on a 24/7 basis so you can get help immediately if you need it.
  3. Custom Payments – The salon industry is one that’s inherently tied to tips and gratuities. That’s why all salon POS systems should be able to allow payors to seamlessly include a gratuity amount of their choosing, whether it’s paid on a percentage or real-dollar basis.
  4. Tracking Payments – Generally speaking, people are loyal to their salons, which means they’re going to keep coming back in the future. If you decide to reward this loyalty with some sort of member program, the salon POS systems provided by VMS will have you doing that immediately.
  5. Clover® – Clover® is one of the leading salon POS systems for many reasons. Chances are you’d like to secure your payments with any or all of the approaches mentioned above. You can completely customize your payment protocols simply by contacting a professional at VMS to walk through your needs and have something ready to go in no time. 

Salon POS Systems – Typical Needs

While every salon is unique in many respects, running a salon business is something that also leads to quite a few commonalities almost regardless of your salon’s theme, target demographic, location, etc. As such, all salon POS systems need to provide some fundamental capabilities in order to be worthwhile investments to salon owners. Below are five examples of what every owner should expect from salon POS systems:

  1. Flexible Payment Options – As mentioned above, clients need to be able to pay in ways that they prefer. That not only includes different forms of payment, but also different amounts with regards to gratuities and any other extras they’d like to purchase. 
  2. Security – Even the best salon in the world is going to see its reputation suffer if any serious security problems ever arise with regards to payments, credit card numbers on file and the like. Every salon – and business – owner needs security with a POS system.
  3. Employee Management – Depending on how you run your salon, you may need to track things like employee sales, shifts and other KPIs. Therefore, salon POS systems need to be able to integrate with other functionality that handles this data so that no one wastes time with administrative steps every month.
  4. CRM – Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a critical component of any successful salon. That’s why salon POS systems should be able to seamlessly review past payments to identify any potential rewards as well as ask for feedback in a way that’s convenient for the client. 
  5. Inventory Management – Every salon owner will tell you that there is a lot of margin in the products they sell aside from their services. Hair gels and other beauty supplies are big sellers in many locations, and salon POS systems should be able to organize and track these products as they’re sold.

How VMS Can Help

Salon POS systems need to be able to handle a lot of things, and they need to be able to do so safely, quickly and dependably. If you’re ready for an all-in-one resource to help you achieve all of these goals with one approach, then all you need to do is contact VMS to speak with a Clover® specialist. He or she will listen to the details of your salon, how it’s run, what goals you have and how you’d like to accept payment and complete other management functions. 

From there, we’ll tailor a solution that perfectly fits your needs. What’s more, is that as you grow and encounter new and different needs, we’ll be right there with you to evaluate your POS system and recommend steps and strategies to meet your growing demands. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started. 

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