If your industry requires a customer waiver, you can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of paperwork required to do business. Those who run tattoo parlors and other high-liability companies can’t afford to be sloppy in this area, no matter how time-consuming it is. In addition to simply checking out your customer, you need signed copies of the waiver, copies of the driver’s license and other forms safely stored for easy access. Otherwise, you can be exposed to serious legal liability. Now Clover offers an application that allows you to streamline this record keeping so that everything can be done in one step.

Waiver Masterwaiver_master_art.png

Clover recently placed this application on the market for companies like yours. Your tattoo company can add this app to its current Clover Station or Clover Mini POS Clover Flex or Clover Mobile to make the checkout process fast and efficient.

Waiver Master lets your customers complete their waivers on the Clover system, which then immediately sends a signed copy to your designated email account. You can easily snag ID card images and have those copies safely sent to you as well.

Other helpful apps for the Clover Family, if you have a tattoo shop is Smart Discount, Time Clock and Feedback.

Separate or Checkout Process

If you need the waiver completed before checkout, you can use the program as a stand-alone application. On the other hand, you may want the convenience of complete checkout integration and accept credit and debit cards. Either way, this Clover creation will make your business run more smoothly and keep you in compliance with the law.

The Clover Edge

Clover continues to develop applications that make your life and your job easier. They allow you to spend less time on paperwork and more on what you do best: your craft. Clover specializes in finding small-business solutions that work for everyone. You’ll never again spend hours searching through piles of paper. The waivers will be safe and easily accessible in your online files.

If you haven’t explored the Clover advantage, take a look at what they offer today. If you have a Clover system, check out their new application offerings. When you use these apps, your customers will enjoy the ease of doing business at your shop.

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