It’s a Balancing Act Between Business and Family
Your business isn’t the only thing that you have to focus on in your life, your family is important too, and trying to balance your time between the two can be difficult. Here are a few ways that you can have a healthy work-life balance when children are involved in the equation.

Designated Workspace
Create a dedicated place for work. If your business is conducted at a location outside your home, then this is easy. When you work from home, it’s more difficult. A home office or another room with privacy are good choices in this circumstance.

Set Boundaries
You need strong boundaries so that you can uphold the work-life balance that’s necessary for being a business owner and mother. Create a schedule that’s split between work, family and social time. If the other parent is in the picture, make sure that they step in to help consistently.

Work Smarter
Look for solutions that free up your time, such as applications that reduce the manual tasks that you do. When you’re working smarter, you end up with the opportunity to put your attention on other important matters.

Clover POS can provide more personal time by freeing you up from the manual tasks that you do: Read more here and check out your options.


Delegate Tasks
You don’t have to do everything yourself. Business owners and moms often feel like they need to be hands-on with every aspect of their duties. Look for areas that would benefit from delegation, such as ordering grocery delivery and hiring an assistant for administrative tasks.

Consider Daycare
Are you working from home or have young children at your business location? Consider taking them to daycare a few times a week. You get uninterrupted time to focus on your business and they gain valuable socialization opportunities.

Don’t Forget About Yourself
When you’re so focused on balancing the needs of your business and your family, you might forget someone: yourself. You can’t be an effective business owner or mother if you always feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Make sure you have time on your schedule that’s dedicated to things that you like to do.

It’s not easy to run a business and be a mother / father,  but these tips will help you manage things more effectively without putting you on a path to exhaustion.

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