When you accept payments from your customers, you want the process to be seamless so that they feel great about doing business with you. You also want the process to be lightning-quick so you can serve as many customers as possible.

A slow POS (point of sale) system can hurt your company. It can frustrate customers, waste your time and leave you scrambling for answers. The most common reasons a POS gets stuck include the following.

1. Low System Quality

For your business, look for the best touch screens, good barcode scanners and the best hardware and software possible. Inexpensive systems just may not deliver the power you need, especially as your business grows.

2. High Age

If you’re thinking, “Why is my POS slow now?” consider how long it has been since you updated your system. Like any piece of technology, as new devices and systems are introduced, your POS becomes outdated and no longer works as effectively with the newest demands of software. For example, if you have an older POS, it’s likely that you have lower RAM or memory than current software allows. In this case, updating your software will enable you to enjoy higher transaction speeds.

3. Bad Internet

Check your other devices. Are they slow as well? If so, your internet may be the culprit. You may want to switch to faster Wi-Fi and talk to your IT team about ways to boost speed.

4. Low Security

Like any system with software, POS is vulnerable to malware. Make sure you check your system and have a cybersecurity program in place. Work with an IT team to run audits that keep you safe from attacks.

To address security issues, make sure you do not run your POS system on an open network. In addition, keep the system isolated. Do not allow your staff to use it for social media, emails and other personal tasks. Ensure your technology is safer by investing in a high-quality POS system with 24/7 in-house support that can assist in the event of any incidents.

5. High Usage

High traffic is great news — it means customers can’t get enough of your products and services! Unfortunately, lots of transactions can also bog down your system and cause slowdowns. If your business is growing and you’re noticing that your POS is affected, it may be time to upgrade or contact your POS provider to discuss additional terminals.

If you need to speed up your POS, you may want to switch to a digital system with 24/7 in-house support. A digital POS will give you the flexibility you need and can grow with you, allowing you to serve customers quickly and efficiently. 24/7 support ensures that if anything does seem to slow down, help is only a call or text away.

To get started, contact Velocity Merchant Services for a free discussion about terminals and digital POS systems that can meet your needs. We can arrange a discussion with a Clover® specialist from VMS to ensure your new POS system runs as quickly as possible.

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