Think Your Business Is Too Small for a POS? Think Again!
The Clover point-of-sale (POS) system is a hugely convenient and helpful piece of technology. While it functions as a cash register, it can do so much more. Better yet, it’s adaptable to businesses of all sizes.

What Does a POS System Include?
A POS system boasts hardware and software. It features a computer with a keyboard, a drawer for cash, a server, a credit card reader, a receipt printer, a pad for electronic signatures and hundreds of FREE apps to market yourself better, organize you, sell more and run your business bette.

Moreover, you can choose optional items for your POS, including a scale, touch monitor and barcode scanner. You can also use smartphones and other mobile devices to control your POS.

The Enticing Benefits of Clover POSClover_facebook_cover_image

When you have a sleek and compact Clover POS, buying products becomes extremely simple for your customers. They just take out their credit cards, swipe or tap your machine, sign their names, and go on their way. These reliable systems make payments ultra-secure, too; it’s very difficult for the most experienced criminals to fool them.

In addition, these powerful machines can work with debit cards, EBT cards, gift cards, Google Wallet accounts and other forms of payment. And, if an employee makes a mistake, it can be fixed with just a tap or two.

Indeed, many customers are impressed by the speed and ease of Clover POS. Thus, having one could bolster your professional reputation and improve your online reviews.

Further, a Clover system can tell you how many of each kind of product you have on stock, a major time-saving function for even the smallest of businesses.

The Joys of Automatic Analytics and Record-Keeping
Clover POS can provide detailed and personalized analytics reports. In fact, it can instantly tell you anything you’d like to know about sales patterns, the popularity of certain items, the demographics of people who purchase various products, or virtually any other statistic about your transactions or customers. You can then make more informed and profitable decisions regarding your inventory, prices and marketing.

Likewise, these machines keep track of all the sales your employees make. That way, if you have any questions about any sales — or if you suspect that one of your workers is stealing from you — you can consult your Clover reports for the data you need.

In sum, buying such a system is like hiring new employees — but it costs much less than human employees do. That’s crucial for small business success. Yes, after you install Clover POS, you’ll see reduced human error, faster transactions, increased productivity and more smiling faces for sure.

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