A recent study found that nearly half of all small businesses are home-based. A major challenge facing many of these small business owners is finding a way to make sure their businesses look professional without the leverage of having a store, office space or brick and mortar business of some kind

The good news is that there are several things you can do right now to give your home-based business the professional look you want.

Establish Dedicated Contact Information
You must separate your personal and business contact information if you want customers to see your company as a professional business. This means obtaining a dedicated phone number, setting up a P.O. box at your local post office and establishing a business email that is connected to your website domain.

Once you have all this in place, order professional business cards that include your new business contact information. Have these cards ready to distribute at all times.

Design a Company Websitevelocity merchant services - hair salonWith more and more consumers turning to the internet as a source of information, it isimperative that you maintain an online presence. The best way to do this is to create a company website. Unless you are an experienced website designer, it is best to work with a website consultant or use a premium website template to make sure your site looks professional.

Keep in mind that your website will be the first thing that many people see, so it’s important to make a great first impression. It is recommended that you purchase your own custom company domain instead of a standard host domain. The same contact information that is on your business cards should be on your website. It is crucial to make sure that your website provides a user-friendly experience for those using a desktop or a mobile device.

Develop a Social Media Presencevelocity-maerchan-services-Social_Media
Social media marketing is a must for any home-based business. Having established social media profiles and followers will legitimize your company in the eyes of consumers. Best of all, social media provides a great way to advertise your business and communicate with your customers with minimal cost.

Create a Seamless Transaction Process
There is no denying that today’s consumers not only want instant services, they expect it. As a home-based business owner, you can go a long way in making sure your customers take you seriously by offering a seamless transaction process. This means providing professional invoices as well as instant payment options, including credit card payments, whether online or on-site.

Being a home-based business owner doesn’t mean that you can’t look professional. If you want to learn more about building a professional brand for your home-based business, contact Velocity Merchant Services today.

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