Clover Pointy

Clover Pointy


Clover Pointy will help you Scan your in-store products with and watch them organically appear online for local people to find.



  • Instantly display your in-store products online

  • Helps convert online searches into in-store sales

  • More customers through your door

  • Access to powerful personalized store insights

  • Ability to run highly targeted online ads


Introducing Pointy, your instant connection to more local customers.

Pointy x Clover integration: Pointy seamlessly integrates with Clover to automatically upload your store’s inventory online. Download the app and follow the instructions to claim your free Pointy page. It takes less than a minute to get set up.

Why thousands of retailers love Pointy:

• Hassle-free integration with Clover

• Easily meet today’s shopping demands

• Great way to reach new customers

• Drives more in-store sales



“We hadn’t really spent a lot of time or money building an online presence for our products. We thought Pointy would be an easy way to broaden our horizons online.” – Taylor Kopf, Cognition Cyclery



Additional information: Pointy integrates with your Clover POS by collecting all of your products’ barcode numbers (UPC/EAN). We then find an image and description to match each one. Therefore, for Pointy to work well, we need access to your Clover’s inventory and stock levels. Your store’s data is important to us and we ensure that it is protected.



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