Trust in Security.

Data security within your transactions is more important than ever. Clover™ Station is armed with encryption functions that protect your and your customer’s data and private information.

Safe and Sound.

Fully encrypted and secure transactions. Security you can trust from the #1 rated merchant services processor that protects each transaction. You and your customers can feel confident that all information is secure.

Cloud Lock.

All transaction data is securely backed up in the cloud. The Clover cloud ensures that absolutely NO sensitive or secure data is stored on the hardware. What does this mean for you? Continuous syncing with the Cloud means no data loss in the event your Clover™ Station is lost or damaged.

Data protection you can count on.

With mutually authenticated SSL, an end-to-end encrypting card reader, tokenization and an operating system designed with protection in mind, Clover Station security is built to last. The data of you and your customers will be safe within the system’s advanced technologies.

The view is different from their side (of the counter).

What you see and what your customer sees should not be the same. Therefore, Clover has a specially designed “customer-facing view” with that idea in mind. When a customer needs to enter information or sign for something, simply rotate the screen around and all sensitive data will be restricted, so your transactions are secure and professional.

PCI compliance for peace of mind.

With constant changes in security standards, it’s nice to know that Clover takes care of that. Not only is it PCI complaint, eliminating the possibility of noncompliance fines, but it updates regularly and automatically at non-peak hours to stay up-to-date.

Get Clover Station Security!