Debit Card Payment System

The professionals at Velocity Merchant Services provide your small to mid-sized business with fast and reliable credit card processor services.

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Debit Card Payment System

If you’re at the helm of a startup, it’s probably easy for you to look back over recent weeks and months and remember how hard you worked to get where you are today. It’s equally likely that people in charge of established brands can fondly recall their humble beginnings and their gratitude for each and every minute of hard work that enabled them to open their doors for the very first time.

As has been the case for generations, small businesses continue to be the backbone of America’s economy. With that in mind, have you ever wondered why starting a business is so much easier than finding a reliable debit card processing provider that has the ability to grow with your business?

We know how challenging it can be to find a third party you can trust to process the payments your business receives. Velocity Merchant Services was once a small business itself, which was started in the basement of our founder’s parents.

Credit Card Processor
Credit Card Processor

What We Bring to the Table

While there’s no doubt that we bring a lot to the table, our proven commitment to helping small businesses across industries thrive is one of the things the entrepreneurs who partner with us appreciate the most. We’ve grown from being an organization founded by a solopreneur into an organization that employs scores of people and processes more than 51 million payment transactions annually. And we want your business to reach the same or an even higher level of success.

Here are some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose us to provide and support your debit card payment system:

  • Low rate $1,000 processing guarantee
  • Free website
  • Complimentary next-day shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dedicated Clover specialist
  • Setup assistance
  • Round-the-clock customer support

Systems for the Industries We Provide Debit Card Merchant Services In

No matter what vertical you compete in, we have a debit card payment system that will work seamlessly at your location. Here are some of the industries we serve and the debit card payment systems that often work well for businesses competing in each:

  • Restaurant: If you’re in the restaurant industry and your eatery is currently accepting debit card payments, you may want to consider the Clover Flex Point-of-Sale System. With this system, your waiters and waitresses can close out tabs tableside — without a bottleneck forming around a fixed POS station.
  • Auto Repair: Auto repair professionals are constantly on the move, ensuring they have what they need to address mechanical issues. If you work in the auto repair industry, you need access to organized inventory information and detailed customer contact info at all times. The Clover Mini gives you that data and power from your POS in a compact package, so you won’t be tied to a counter.
  • Salon: Salons handle unique scheduling and payment challenges. Whether you need to ensure clients keep their appointments or adjust commissions for each employee, the Salon Scheduler app for our Clover POS systems provides the ideal solution. This easy-to-use app supports online scheduling and allows you to send automatic appointment reminders, customize commissions and see reports based on each item sold.

If your business needs debit card merchant services that you — and your clients — can rely on, you can make the right decision by partnering with Velocity Merchant Services. Schedule a free consultation with one of our small business specialists now!

Credit Card Processor
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