Update Your EBT Equipment

After your business has a permit to accept EBT transactions, the next step is to get the right equipment. SNAP retailers must provide their own EBT equipment for accepting these kinds of sales.

For your SNAP POS system, choose the experts in EBT and SNAP transactions. Velocity Merchant Services has a team of experts in EBT and SNAP who will help your business find the right equipment. An EBT card machine can help your business — and your profits — grow.

Equipment for Processing SNAP EBT

To start accepting EBT, the hardware you use must:

  • Accept PIN transactions in a stand-alone unit or PIN pad in the terminal
  • Be programmed with the encryption keys from your provider
  • Use a seven-digit FNS account number so your merchant account can accept EBT payments

You may be able to use the equipment you already have by reprogramming the terminals to make it an EBT card reader. However, it is often quicker to purchase a new EBT terminal machine, allowing your business to accept EBT transactions sooner.

When deciding on the right equipment for your EBT card machine, remember to consider the cost. You may have to pay extra fees if you choose to add EBT card processing to your current machine. Between the cost of paying per transaction and hidden fees, your profits might decrease. With new equipment, you won’t have to pay any fees aside from transaction processing. Talk to an expert at Velocity Merchant Services to determine what solution is right for your business.

What to Look for in Your EBT Implementation

After installing your EBT equipment, implementing this new form of payment will bring many benefits to your business and your customers. Your customers will trust your store as a place where they can use their SNAP benefits, and since your store sells staple food items and accepts EBT cards, these customers will purchase your products week after week. When your equipment can handle many kinds of transactions, your profits will rise as an EBT retailer, and your business will grow.

Install an EBT card reader from Velocity Merchant Services, the leading name in payment processing equipment. Our POS systems use state-of-the-art technology to make all transactions swift and secure. Speak with one of our EBT consultants to learn more about our EBT card machines.

Contact Velocity Merchant Services About Your EBT Terminal Machine

For more than 20 years, Velocity Merchant Services has provided small businesses with payment equipment and processing solutions. Our company has changed over the years, but the one thing that has stayed the same is our dedication to our customers. We want to give your business the payment equipment it needs to grow and thrive in your industry.

Do you need to update your POS system to accept EBT transactions? Get in touch with our expert team. Call 888-902-6227, send us an email at customercare@getvms.com or fill out the contact form on our website today.

The federal government has made changes to your state’s EBT merchant accounts. All merchants are required to supply their own equipment to continue to process EBT Transactions. Merchants will now accept all transactions (EBT, Visa/MasterCard, and PIN based debit) through one piece of equipment. For assistance with the transition and upgrade of your new equipment, Call 888-902-6202.

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