EMV is here to stay.
Are you ready?

Protect yourself from fraud liability and upgrade your terminal to be EMV ready NOW!

Protect Your Business—It’s Time to Switch

Fraudulent charges made on a card terminal which does not process EMV chip cards will be the responsibility of the merchants with that terminal, not the card company. In other words, if you aren’t adopting EMV, the safest method of payment, you are taking a chance with every electronic payment transaction you make.

Attractive to Customers, Mandatory for Businesses

Accepting EMV cards will allow your business to:

  • Accept the new smart chip cards which will be mandatory on October 1, 2015
  • Stay liability free on any fraudulent charges
  • Ensure your customers’ ease of mind
  • Show that you value security for you and your customers

Begin Accepting EMV Today

As all of the magnetic strip credit cards are quickly being replaced by EMV smart chip cards, you don’t want to get left in the dust. Not only are you adding a layer of protection for everyone involved in the transaction, but having a machine will show that your business is ready to invest in the future and welcome customers using the 1.1 billion smart chip cards set to be active by the end of 2015.

Ready to accept EMV smart chip cards at your business?

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