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Your Shoosh POS makes running your business a breeze. Take orders and accept payments. Organize inventory and manage your team. Grow your customer base. All at the tips of your fingers.

Large Display

Shoosh offers a full HD 15.6-inch TouchPro® PCAP touchscreen display enabling multi-touch responses with up to 5-touches simultaneously.

Rotating Display Head

Engage the customer by allowing them to control their transaction. With the rotating display head you can enable customers to participate in loyalty programs, view their purchases and sign to complete their transaction.

3-inch Printer

 Shoosh brings robust printer performance with a TSP100iii built by Star Micronics which includes futurePRNT Software – making setup a breeze. Drop-in a standard 80mm width paper and print with speed at 230mm/sec. The printer supports multiple languages, barcodes and logo printing. It can even be configured for ESC/POS mode emulation. Reliability comes first — this printer has been tested to MCBF of 60 million lines.

Barcode Scanner

2D barcoding is the new norm across retail and hospitality. PayPoint Plus is equipped with an omnidirectional 1D/2D scanner built by Honeywell which includes Honeywell’s EZConfig Cloud for Scanning – simplifying the input of barcode scanner configurations and firmware updates. The scanner can be configured for operating modes, illumination, beep volume and choice of symbologies to optimize performance for your specific needs. PayPoint Plus offers optional plug-ins like EasyDL™ to scan and parse data from drivers licenses in the United States and Canada.

Full Size Cash Drawer

The full size 16-inch industry-standard cash drawer offers a 3-position lock and the
ability to add second cash drawer through an I/O port.

Shoosh Features



  • Accepted Here! Accept Cash, Card and Mobile Payments
  • Transfer tickets between staff members
  • Save Tickets for later checkout, then move to the next in line
  • Split, Transfer, Disable Tax or Apply Discounts during checkout
  • Create specialized prices with in-store pricing buttons
  • Add or remove the tip-line from your printed receipt
  • Choose a preset tip amount or add a custom tip amount on the iPad or printed receipt
  • Attach notes to an order to customize and easily pull up for reorders
  • Print or email customized receipts – include your logo or a special message
Time & Attendance
Easy for Your Employees

Employees easily clock in and out directly on the iPad with a unique Pin Number

View Previous, Past and Future Schedules as well as hours worked when clocking in & out

Scheduling Simplified for All

Staff to management communication system allows for direct messaging on the iPad and Virtual Office between you and your staff – no more lost sticky notes

Practical for you

Relay important information with a newsflash View a current log of hours worked

Save time by copying previous schedules with the touch of a button and copy one week’s schedule to the next

Make edits to employee’ts schedules, add shifts if they forget to clock in and out

Email schedules to employees or post a printed out schedule

  • Create and send employees schedules
  • Create a repeating schedule for an employee
  • View the scheduled hourly cost per employee and total
  • Color code each job code for scheduling visualization
  • Create and send news flashes for employees to view when they pin in
  • Manage and edit employee time punches
  • Download the time and pay report CSV file for payroll submission
Permission Settings

 Permission Settings

Register Permissions
  • Clock In\Out
  • Enter a register start | end amount
  • Create & View Tickets
  • Split | Transfer Tickets
  • Settle Tips Make Pay In | Outs
  • Disable Tax on Items | Tickets
  • Set In-Store Pricing
  • Processing Adjustments, Returns and Voids
  • View Ticket History
  • Delete Saved Tickets
  • Access the Administrator Panel
  • Edit the Employee Scheduler
  • View Reports
  • Setup | Modify Hardware via the iPad
  • View | Edit Inventory
  • View | Edit All Tips
  • Process Manual Returns
Supervisor Permissions
  • Set Up Hardware and edit POS Settings
  • Edit Account Information
  • Manage Employees
  • Customize Receipts and Edit Receipt Settings
  • Manage Hardware Information
  • Modify Menu Settings
  • Add or adjust inventory items and prices
  • Create Inventory iPad Display Settings
  • Access and Adjust Supplier Information
  • View Sales and Inventory Reports
  • Edit Employee Clock In/Out Times
  • Activate or Deactivate Customer Loyalty Programs
Multi-Location Permissions
  • Add Additional Business Locations
  • Transfer Data between Locations
  • View Reports for Multiple Locations
Store Management

Set-up pricing, tax rates and enable discounts per item or in bulk for one or more locations.

In-Store Price button allows you to create on the fly prices right on your iPad POS User


Enable permissions and track employee hours or sales by the unique PIN numbers that are assigned to each individual employee.

Real Time

Make changes as necessary through your web management tool then sync your iPad to see changes in real-time.

Virtual Office

Stay in control of your business from anywhere with your Virtual Office. Create menus, manage employees, set up hardware, view reports, and create customer loyalty programs and MUCH more


View past, current and future orders placed in any of your store locations. Know which items are best sellers and where you could increase revenue


Create and attached multiple tax codes to a single item


Enable “Tax Inclusive” for the product to include the tax rates assigned within the cost of the product




The best does get better! Zuza not only offers a robust inventory platform that you can truly depend on but we are giving it to our users for FREE.


Our inventory system holds over 500 thousand barcode SKU’s. Import existing codes or create your own. Track items using UPC on your iPad and Virtual Office

Barcode Scanner

Integrated Bluetooth scanner allows you to quickly look up or ring up items

Bulk Adjustments

Modify price and quantity data or add thousands of inventory items at a time.

Receive Inventory

Add data to your existing inventory list without replacing data.

Built To Perform

Spend less time on tedious inventory management and more time creating valuable customer relationships

Buying Power

Know which items are your best sellers and which items are not selling so that you are able to make more informed decisions

Re-Order Notifications

Always know exactly when stock levels are running low and it is time to place re-orders with low inventory alerts


View inventory levels, transfer data and run reports for one or several location

Manage Anywhere

Don’t be tied to your office. View inventory levels, manage quantities or prices from anywhere you have Wi-Fi

Real time Reporting

 Real Time Analytics

Keep a Keen Eye

Cloud based intelligence lets you monitor sales activity and run dynamic reporting – wherever you are, as it is happening.

Capacity to Grow

Supports large data volumes and simplifies data to help your business become more nimble and keep pace with the competition

Continuous Updates

Your system automatically updates your reporting throughout your business day, with real-time matrix

The Big Picture

Relevant Reporting on sales including tax exempt sales, voids, returns, discounts and adjustments at one or more location



  • Easy staff training with Tutorials accessible via iPad
  • Full training video library within your Virtual Office
  • Monthly Point of Sale Training Demo Calls with our Top POS Specialists
  • Need something else, just ask. We’ve got you covered



 Discounts and Coupons


Create Automatic or Manual Discounts or Coupons that can be added to the entire order or to individual items prior to checkout

Apply an alternate price, amount off or percentage off to the Discount or Coupon

Discounts or Coupons can be assigned to a department, category or product level

Control the Discount or coupon settings by location including active days, times, start and end date


 Customer Loyalty Program

Build long-lasting customer relationships with a robust customer database and management platform linking customers to each of their purchases


Create programs specifically around your customers – either by specific items purchased or number of visits – incentivizing them to return

Email Marketing

Stay in contact with customers and inform them of sales, specials or events


Zuza’s completely digital program eliminates “perk cards”. Create customer profiles quickly on your iPad POS, points for purchases are saved and can be redeemed at checkout

Complete Control

Create punch card or points programs and control when each are active. Save past promotions then reactivate at anytime


Add or adjust points from the tablet or back office

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