Expertise within your specific industry

We know you’re unique. Velocity Merchant Services specializes in a variety of fields.


We Understand What You Do and How You Get Paid

At Velocity Merchant Services, we leverage our extensive expertise in a variety of industries with custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

Our overall goal: to provide unmatched personal service with the latest technologies and easy-to-use Clover® equipment. Additional value-added business solutions like websites and working capital help our customers with their brand and building. With focus on small and medium businesses, VMS drives success stories for thousands of owners and managers to operate more efficiently and profitable.


In our retail segment, we specialize in single locations and local chains. We give our customers the all the tools to offer that personalized one-on-one touch that allows them to compete with larger corporations in today’s world.

Grocery and Multi-lane Retail

Grocery stores and other multi-lane retailers rely on VMS to provide them with the latest in payment technology and merchant services support by taking virtually all types of payments including EBT/SNAP.

Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Restaurant and Coffee Shop owners have long trusted VMS for customizable products and services like pay-at-the-table options for EMV acceptance. Clover® equipment has over 300 apps with the ability to integrate inventory, food menus, online ordering and so much more.


Everything from golf and golf simulators to amusements, arcades, bowling, pool rooms, theaters, camping, paintball, escape rooms, and now, the new recreation sport of axe throwing. Whatever your unique business is, we can help you manage it and get paid with a Point-of-Sale System from Velocity Merchant Services.

Health & Wellness

Medical and wellness professionals need to be able to reliably and securely collect payments from their patients, members, and customers. That’s why our payment processing technology seamlessly integrates invoicing, recurring billing, in-person charges and over-the-phone payments.

Salon & Spa

We have a longstanding, strong free  relationship with the salon, spa and tattoo industry and attend the American Beauty Show each year to meet you face-to-face. Our Clover® Systems, with many customizable apps, make doing business with your clients easy and painless — freeing you up to do what you do best! Talk to one of our Small Business Specialists soon at 888.902.6227.

Professional Services

Professional services business owners have a unique set of needs when it comes to payment processing. Get paid faster with easy invoicing, recurring billing and secure payments. Access business intelligence easier to power your company.

In Field Services

For field service businesses, it’s important to get paid quickly and reliably. Whether you want to email invoices, setup recurring payments, or take mobile payments at the time of service, our integrated payment platforms will work great for you. Get paid fast and consistently with VMS!

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