Auto Repair Payment Processing

For the automotive industry, reliable payment processing options are a must. At Velocity Merchant Services, we offer the Clover system to meet the needs of your auto repair shop.

What Is Clover?

One of the leading POS systems, Clover offers flexible and simple payment processing solutions. When you use Clover systems for your auto repair credit card processing, you can expect:

  • Payments of all types accepted, from credit cards to EBT to gift cards and more.
  • The latest EMV chip technology to ensure secure transactions.
  • Unbeatable connectivity between devices and in the cloud so that you can run your business from anywhere, at any time.
  • POS system tailored to your specific business needs with a full market of apps to choose from.
  • Real-time sales and shop data accessible through the Clover Dashboard.

There are several different Clover devices you can choose from:

  • Clover flex: Credit card terminal that is wireless, easy to transport and great as a compact option to save room on your store counter.
  • Clover station: Largest and fastest option with a 14″ high-definition, movable display screen.
  • Clover mini: Smaller option with display screen that has strong processing power and can fit almost anywhere.
  • Clover go: Light and compact card reader that works over cellular or Wi-Fi connection.

Why Use Clover for Your Auto Shop?

When it comes to auto shop credit card payment and other payment processing needs, Clover has specific features that will come in handy for your auto repair shop, including:

  • Mobile options: Expand convenient payment options for you and your customers, and make it possible for you to accept payments on-the-go.
  • Advanced features: Schedule service appointments and manage client information.
  • Inventory management: Keep track of your inventory and supplies with the Clover Dashboard.
  • Payment options: Accept all credit and debit cards as well as EBT, gift cards and more.

Using Clover for your auto shop gives you a wide variety of options to help your business grow.

Choose Velocity Merchant Services for Your Auto Repair Shop

Not sure which payment processing options will work best for your shop? At Velocity Merchant Services, our specialists can help. We will provide you with a personal Clover specialist who can help you determine what you need and help you with setup when your devices arrive. We provide 24/7 support and can be available to you at any time.

When you buy from other merchant services or banks, you will have to figure out what products to buy and how to set them up on your own. But at Velocity Merchant Services, we want to make the process as quick and easy for you as possible. Your Clover specialist will get to know you and your business goals and become a valuable resource who will save you time and energy that you can put into your business instead.

Contact our team today to learn more about how our services can work for your business. We are dedicated to helping small business owners succeed, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Have questions?  Talk to one of our Small Business Specialists.

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