Restaurant Credit Card Processing

Your restaurant has processes for marketing, setting up the right ambiance and making sure you can handle the dinner rush. To make all the hard work of serving delicious food pay off, you will also want the right merchant services and card processing in place.

The Best Restaurant Credit Card Processing for Your Business

Whether you have a rustic bistro, food truck, fancy restaurant or greasy spoon, you want your diners to be able to pay you easily — without you having to pay huge restaurant credit card processing fees. Velocity Merchant Services (VMS) can help.

VMS specializes in industry-specific payment processing solutions. For restaurants, we offer Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and solutions that:

  • Let diners pay the way they want: With VMS, your restaurant can accept payment with debit cards, credit cards, cash, gift cards and more.
  • Offer the flexibility of mobile payment: Whether you have a restaurant on wheels, want to create a trendy pop-up dining event or just want to let customers pay at their table, we have solutions to help you take payment where it’s convenient for you.
  • Make payment easy: Our 24/7 support ensures you never have to worry about downtime with your systems, and our POS systems are designed to quickly process any crowd. Our systems can handle tips, rotating menus with different prices and anything else your business demands.
  • Are customized to how you do business: A food truck catering to the lunch-hour crowd will have very different payment processing needs than an upscale foodie haven seeking restaurant credit card processors. With VMS, a personal Clover® specialist will guide you to the right systems. We get to know your business and goals so we can help you set up a system designed for your restaurant.
  • Let you set up marketing campaigns: VMS can help you set up loyalty programs and reward programs to help you honor your most loyal or VIP customers.
  • Help you run your restaurant: Clover® POS solutions work with kitchen-crucial apps that help your kitchen receive orders, arrange for takeout and delivery orders and more. From setting up Trivia Nights to letting your customers leave reviews, apps can work with your system to help your entire business run more smoothly. You can even set up order kiosks with Clover® and VMS, so your diners never have to wait.

Online Ordering Made Easy

Looking for a POS system that offers capabilities unique to the restaurant industry? The Clover® Smart Online Orders app gives your customers the freedom to order directly from your website — not through a third party that charges transaction fees.

Easily integrate and sync your menu and prices from Clover® to your website. Online orders are sent to your POS, and your kitchen printer immediately prints the ticket. You’ll also be notified of the new order via text and email.

With Smart Online Order, you get:

  • Unlimited online orders
  • Easy set-up
  • Compatibility with any website
  • Hundreds of features
  • Free updates and support
  • Opportunity to increase sales

Smart Discounts for Your Restaurant

Experience surges at your restaurant on the weekend? Wish you could bring in more customers during the week?

With the Smart Discounts app, you can create and manage daily specials or discounts for certain times. Clover® will automatically apply the discounts during that timeframe. Create as many specials as you need to bring in new business.

Get Smart Discounts for your POS system, and you’ll enjoy these capabilities:

  • Easy to use interface
  • No discount codes needed
  • Synchronize across Clover® devices in real time
  • Easily create, enable and disable discounts
  • Add a variety of discounts (single use, unlimited use, quantity discounts, combo pricing and more)

Why Velocity Merchant Services?

VMS is your one-stop solution for secure, customized and fully supported POS solutions. We help you choose the right ones for your restaurant, and we offer 24/7 support so you can always get help or get answers.

VMS also offers a free website for your restaurant and can help you set up loyalty programs. We are your partner in cost-effective payment process and business solutions. Just getting started? VMS has a working capital solution that allows you to apply for small business loans.

To learn more about our payment processing solutions, contact us today. You can also start taking the first steps to set up your customized system.

Have questions?  Talk to one of our Small Business Specialists.

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