Spa Payment Processing

You work hard to create an oasis of calm in your spa. You probably spend considerable time ensuring the lighting, atmosphere and even the towels are just right to really pamper your guests. But what about your payment processing system?

How your clients can pay for massages, manicures, hot stone treatments and other services can impact how pleasant their visit to your salon or spa is. Velocity Merchant Services (VMS) works with small businesses and can offer a range of services to make it easier for you to get paid for your aesthetic services.

Benefits of Spa Merchant Services

VMS can help you create a customized payment processing system so you can accept a variety of payment methods. With the right system in place, your spa can:

  • Offer mobile services: With secure Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems from VMS, your clients can pay for their spa treatments online before they arrive at your salon. This way, they can spend all their time getting pampered and relaxing instead of thinking about payment.
  • Save clients’ nails: One of the challenges with payments at spas involves the logistics of payments. After a client has relaxed with a special treatment or has gotten their nails painted, getting out a wallet can mean they become less relaxed. In worst-case scenarios, reaching for a wallet can smudge newly-done nails. When your spa accepts online payment before an appointment or mobile payment, you make it easier for clients to enjoy the effects of your services for longer.
  • Create a more immersive, luxury experience: When you make payment processing seamless, you reduce the divide between the treatment and afterward. Payment is quick and easy, allowing clients to remain in their optimal, relaxed state.
  • Set up a loyalty program: Clients who want facial rejuvenation, aesthetic services and other services are likely to want the same help again and again. If they return to your spa, why not reward them for their loyalty? With VMS, it’s easy.
  • Make it simple for clients to pay: All clients are different. With a payment processing system from VMS, your clients can pay by debit card, credit card, mobile device, gift cards, cash and more. You can serve guests and allow them to pay in the most convenient way for them.

Credit Card Processing From VMS

Payment processing merchant services for your spa help you provide full peace of mind and comfort, even when it’s time to pay. You can take almost any credit card at your spa with a VMS POS solution. We’re unique for your salon because we offer:

  • A free website
  • Free next-day shipping on your business
  • Customizable, intuitive and smart systems that can be used with apps and set up to address your business needs
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A Clover® specialist to help you find the right system for your spa
  • 24/7 customer support

To find out more about how VMS can help your spa become a calm haven, contact us today or start taking the first steps to setting up your payment processing solution.

Have questions?  Talk to one of our Small Business Specialists.

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