Mobile Credit Card Readers

Velocity Merchant Services offer the services of an ecommerce solution provider with over 20 years in the business.

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Mobile Credit Card Readers

When you travel for business, you may need to have a payment processing option on you at all time. You can make a sale at any time, so shouldn’t you have the ability to accept payments at your convenience? Velocity Merchant Services offers multiple types of mobile credit card readers so that you can accept payments anywhere, anytime.

When you are ready to discuss mobile credit card readers with a trained professional, call us at 888-902-6227 and someone will be ready to discuss your options, from Clover to iCharge. Or, you can fill out the contact us form located on this page and one of our staff will reach out as soon as possible.

Ecommerce Solution Provider
Ecommerce Solution Provider

Convenient Mobile Credit Card Readers

Velocity Merchant Services is proud to partner with some of the most innovative companies around. With Clover and iCharge, all you need is to charge the device, plug into your phone, and you are ready to accept payments anywhere. We can’t make it any more easy or convenient for you or your customers. When it comes to mobile credit card readers, we offer only the best.

Complicated mobile credit card processing systems can scare away potential customers. Choose a card reader system that will have customers payments processed immediately and in the palm of your hand.

Advanced Mobile Credit Card Readers

On top of the quick and convenient Clover and iCharge mobile credit card readers, we also offer the new Clover Flex Mobile POS system. It is more than just a tablet – it is a fully functioning point of sale terminal in a convenient travel size. If you know you will be making sales all day, partnering with Velocity Merchant Services to implement the Clover Flex is a no brainer.

If you want to hear more about Velocity Merchant Services mobile credit card readers, please call us at 888-902-6227 and one of our qualified professionals will be happy to help you move towards a more convenient payment system. Or you can fill out the Contact us form located on this page and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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