Point-of-Sale System (POS System) Solutions

Point-of-sale (POS) systems transform how you take payments and manage sales. Modern POS system technology gives you control over your customer service and efficiency, and can be a game-changer for your business.


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Advantages of Having a POS System

Our POS system equipment puts the power of modern point-of-sale system payment technology in your hands. When you buy one of our POS systems, you can enjoy these benefits and more.

How VMS Can Find the Right POS System Solution for You

Your personal Clover® specialist from VMS will guide you through the POS system shopping process. Once we learn about your business goals, we can recommend a system that fits your needs. To learn more about smart Point-of-Sale systems, download our free guide.


Modern Security for you and your customers

A cutting-edge POS system features secure EMV chip technology. You and your customers can rest easy knowing you have the safest payment technology available. Thanks to tokenization technology and strict PCI security standards, you have a lower chance of fraudulent transactions.

Option to Swipe, Dip or Tap a Payment Card

We have POS payment systems that can handle whatever method your customers need. Accept most payment methods used today, including debit cards, credit cards, EBT and gift cards. With so many choices available to your customers, you can enjoy more business than ever before.


Ready for Today's Mobile and NFC Payments

Join the cutting edge of payment acceptance. Select POS systems take mobile and NFC (contactless) methods. With more people using mobile devices to pay, you can keep up with the competition.

Your POS System Equipment Options From VMS

At VMS, we provide a wide range of POS system machines to meet your needs. Whether you need something affordable, comprehensive or simple, we have the best devices for your business.

Clover® Station 2.0 Point-of-Sale System

This all-in-one POS solution includes everything you need to streamline your business. Enhanced features like the following fully help you get the job done:


More counter room thanks to a space-saving design: The 14-inch, HD display and screen swivel feature keep customer engagement clean and simple.


Faster apps and business: Let the 8-core, state-of-the-art Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor and 4GB memory handle the toughest tasks.


Modern payment technology: Accept mag stripe cards, EMV chips, contactless payments and more.


A versatile app market: Use Clover’s robust apps to give your business endless possibilities.

Clover Station 2.0 Point-of-Sale System
Clover Flex Point-of-Sale Systems

Clover® Flex Point-of-Sale System

Do business wherever you need with Clover® Flex. Manage your point-of-sale payments in line, in the aisle or at the table. Clover® Flex features include:


NFC (contactless) and mobile payments enabled: Enter the modern age of payment technology.


EMV ready with PIN pad: Take secure card payments wherever you bring Clover® Flex.


Smart equipment with app market: Tailor Clover® Flex to you and your customers’ needs with powerful apps.

Clover® Mini Terminal Point-of-Sale System

The compact Clover® Mini offers flexibility and power by accepting just about any payment out there. Take advantage of a space-saving design in addition to these features:


EMV, NFC and mobile payment compatible: Accept the latest methods for point-of-sale payments.


Smart device with app availability. Add the apps you need to get the most out of Clover® Mini.

Clover Mini Point-of-Sale Systems
Clover Station Point-of-Sale Systems

Clover® Station POS System

Choose Clover® Station when you need a turnkey POS payment system. Clover® Station includes a swivel tablet, receipt printer, cash drawer, cables and printer paper to meet your needs. You can enjoy additional features like:


Smart POS system with apps: Powerful apps let you do just about anything with Clover® Station.


Compatible with most payment types: Mobile, NFC, cards — you name it.


EMV ready with PIN Pad: Keep you and your customers’ information secure.

Vx520 Point-of-Sale Systems

Verifone VX520 + PIN Pad Bundle

For the ultimate in security and durability, you can choose the VX520. It balances power, safety and versatility to become your countertop device to count on with features such as:


Security-focused design: Advanced decryption and encryption technology protect your data.


Powerful processing: Take payments at lighting speeds with expandable memory and a robust processor.


Ready for most payment types: Accept gift cards, EMV chips, mobile pay, NFC and much more.

First Data FD150 + RP10 PIN Pad Bundle

The FD150 terminal acts as a simple yet powerful point-of-sale solution. This well-rounded option has features that include:


Compatible with various payments: Accept popular and upcoming payment options in an affordable model.


Robust security features: Protect your and your customers’ financial information.

FD130 Point-of-Sale Systems

Ready to choose your POS System Solution?

At VMS, we let our customers choose the POS system that makes sense for them. Let one of our consultants help you make this important decision by booking a free consultation.

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