Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses

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Merchant Accounts for Small Businesses

We’re extremely proud to have been merchant account providers for small business for more than 20 years and counting. Why are we so happy to be a merchant for small businesses? Because our esteemed role allows us to lend trustworthy support for small businesses, just like Velocity Merchant Services once was.

We know it may be hard to see it, but your business has the chance to grow beyond your wildest dreams. If you choose the wrong credit card merchant account for your small business, it can cost you some money now and even more money as you expand your operation in the months and years ahead.

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What Is a Merchant Account?

To fully appreciate the inherent dangers that can accompany choosing the wrong merchant account, it can help to know what this type of account is. If you’re new to the notion of accepting card payments for small business and aren’t sure what a merchant account is as a result, you’re not alone.

Businesses that want to accept credit card payments must find a merchant services provider to process those payments for them. When you find a provider, a merchant account will be set up for you, which may or may not be supported by your credit card processor. Your merchant account is where the funds from your customers’ credit and debit card purchases will wind up once they’re processed.

While your merchant account and its contents are technically yours, you cannot access the money in your merchant account directly. Instead, you’ll have to wait for the funds in your merchant account to be transferred to your bank account, minus any processing, transaction or other fees that are due. In general, merchant accounts for small businesses will transfer funds to your bank account in anywhere from one to several days.

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Why Choose Velocity Merchant Services for Your Small Business Merchant Account?

In addition to offering state-of-the-art, scalable POS systems for businesses in a wide range of industries, you have plenty of other reasons to choose VMS for your small business merchant account. One of the most meaningful ones is speed. When we support your merchant account and it’s paired with one of our POS systems, funds will be transferred to your bank account as soon as the next business day.

What would you prefer — money in your account tomorrow or three business days from now when your bills are past due? Naturally, you’d prefer to have access to your hard-earned funds sooner rather than later, even if all your bills are up to date. And that’s one of the many benefits we can provide — faster access to your money.

Contact Velocity Merchant Services to Learn More

If you want to know why VMS is one of the most sought-after merchant account providers for small business in the U.S. among entrepreneurs in “the know,” we invite you to contact us to learn more about our company, services and transparent business practices. Once you do, we’re sure you’ll be eager for us to open a credit card merchant account for your small business, just like so many other entrepreneurs have been and continue to be. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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