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Increase your profits and accept credit cards. Flexibility in payment options makes customers feel more protected with our new EMV smart chip-ready equipment. 

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Working to Accept Credit Cards for My Business

If you want to accept credit cards today, contact us at Velocity Merchant Services to speak with a consultant at no cost. We can help you decide whether credit card processing is right for you. We offer services for:

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Accept Credit Cards In-Store

Our secure Point-of-Sale Systems (POS) Solutions will allow you to accept debit and credit card payments at your store, restaurant or other brick-and-mortar business. Our smart systems will also enable you to gather sales data, organize your loyalty programs and more.

Mobile credit card processing

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Whether you offer delivery or in-house services or want to set up pop-up stores or sell at trade shows and farmer’s markets, you need a POS service that lets you take payments on the go. Our mobile services include tech that can fit in the palm of your hand and let you swipe cards or accept swipe or tap payments.

Accept credit cards today

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Whether you have an online store or want to expand your real-world offerings with online sales, Velocity Merchant Services has options for you. What’s more, these systems will integrate well with your tech and are safe for customers, meaning they can feel confident shopping with your company.

When you accept credit card payments, you’re effectively hanging a “welcome” sign on your business and inviting more customers and clients to come in. In reality, more people today use credit cards for most or all their purchases. They want to take advantage of credit card incentives, get the extra protection plastic offers or keep better track of where their money goes.

The reality is that you can attract more customers and honor their preferred methods of payment when you accept credit cards and use EMV smart chip-ready equipment, which will keep your clients feeling safer when they shop with you.

How Can I Accept Credit Cards?

When you’re ready to accept credit cards, reach out to us at Velocity Merchant Services for a free discussion with one of our consultants. We can simplify your statements, offer you honest and clear rates and help you with 24/7 responsive support. With us, you’ll get credit card processing, but all the services you need to accept customer payments will remain simple.

With VMS, you can start accepting many forms of payment, including AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, debit, EBT, EMV and more. Go beyond “cash only” and start meeting customers where they are, allowing them to pay in the way they prefer.

Velocity Merchant Services makes it simple. When you’re ready to accept credit cards, simply consult with us. Apply and get approved for a merchant account, and our team will ship you the equipment you need. You’ll be able to get set up and start accepting your first credit cards fast — we even have different types of technology to allow you to accept credit cards online, in store or even on the go. Whether your business is virtual, mobile or traditional, we have smart systems with the robust features you need.

Why Velocity Merchant Services?

VMS has more than two decades of industry experience. We know credit card processing, and we’re always learning about the latest tech so that we can bring you the best ideas, processes and devices. Best of all, Velocity Merchant Services offers exceptional 24/7 customer service in-house. When you need to reach us, you can. We won’t let you languish in downtime. Instead, we’ll get you answers fast. Our friendly and expert customer service sets us apart — from your first consultation through each support call, we’ll be there to help.

Since we’re serious about helping you grow your business, we’ll allow you to enjoy low rates on credit card processing. We don’t use high-pressure tactics or long contracts because we’re confident you’ll keep choosing us. Our team is transparent about pricing and will carefully explain the answers to all your questions. Our honest and straightforward approach means no surprises and no hassle.

We know customers want credit cards because they want fast service, and you want to process all sales fast. With our customer service and reliable, secure equipment, you can be sure you’re ringing up sales fast. To get started accepting payment quickly, contact us for your free consultation.

About EMV Chip Credit Cards

EMV (which stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa) refers to the smart chip technology being adopted in the US. It has already been adopted successfully all over the world, and has proven to lower the risk of fraudulent charges made by stealing information from traditional swipe credit cards. This is because the EMV smart chips are very difficult to reproduce. Additionally, the authorization process is more secure and frequently involves entering a secret PIN number and/or a customer signature.

Quick Facts About EMV Smart Chip Cards

What does EMV mean?

EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa, which are the three companies that were the first to embrace the technology. EMV cards are also referred to as chip cards, smart-cards, or chip and PIN cards.

How are EMV smart chip cards similar and different from standard credit cards?

They are similar in that they both are the same size and look about the same. Dual-interface EMV cards also have a magnetic strip on the back, just like a traditional card. The big difference is in the contacts on the top left side—a small, rectangular gold or silver circuit.

What does the circuit or smart chip contain?

The contacts on the circuit become powered up when inserted into a reader. The card contains a tiny microprocessor which has cryptographic keys, secure, encrypted algorithms to provide digital signatures, and basic cardholder account info used in some countries for offline transactions.

What are the benefits of upgrading to EMV terminals?

Implementing this technology will make card-present purchases more secure. These cards rely on a two-factor authentication process. The card with the chip acts as the first, and PIN entry is the second. These cards are not susceptible to “skimming” scams, and the chips cannot be cloned. Countries that already require chip cards have seen significant reductions in card fraud. Some report decreases well over 50 percent. This will protect you and your customers from potential unauthorized charges.

Why is the US so behind on using EMV terminals?

There are two reasons. The first is the added cost to the merchants. The second is that U.S. consumers do not care that much, since they are usually not held financially liable for fraudulent charges. Placing the responsibility of fraudulent charges onto the merchants is already an effective motivator, and EMV terminals are becoming more and more common.

Where does EMV stand today?

Much of the developed world has already evolved into processing Europay, MasterCard and Visa chip and PIN cards, the United States is just now shifting toward implementation and required compliance. As of October 1st, 2015, retailers who do not install the new card readers will be held liable for fraudulent charges resulting from exploitation of magnetic-stripe card data.

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