We are now accepting applications for existing retailers to upgrade your EBT/Food-Stamp processing equipment without interruption to your EBT transactions and services.

The federal government has made changes to your state’s EBT merchant accounts. All merchants are required to supply their own equipment to continue to process EBT Transactions. Merchants will now accept all transactions (EBT, Visa/MasterCard, and PIN based debit) through one piece of equipment.

For assistance with the transition and upgrade of your new equipment,
Call 888-902-6202 or click here.

Step One:

It is required that you have a USDA FNS (Food and Nutrition Service) permit to process EBT transactions, so check if you have one. If not, call us directly at 1-888-902-6202 to get started on accepting EBT transactions today.

Step Two:

We have a dedicated staff of EBT/SNAP experts who work closely with small business owners to ensure you have the proper equipment. Most importantly, they make sure that aren’t paying too much for your EBT processing services. Call 1-888-902-6202 now to speak with a Small Business EBT Specialist who can help you get set up.

Step Three:

Once approved, we will ship you your new processing equipment. You will receive your new updated all-in-one machine that processes EBT/food stamps, EMV, and credit/debit card transactions in as soon as 24 hours. Get approved today, process transactions tomorrow.

Notice Retailers!

New EBT equipment will be shipped out encrypted with PCI software and ready to run Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EMV/Smart-Chip Cards. Retailers can use all credit card features if they choose but will be charged regular transaction fees with a discount rate and any other processing fees. Get your ALL-IN-ONE terminal now! Lease or purchase new equipment HERE.

“Mr. Sanchez Helped me out with the USDA documents, Needed someone to translate and help me update my EBT machine. Now just waiting on inspection.” - Argimiro C.

“I can’t say enough about this company, the products are great and the person I spoke to was very helpful. And when dealing with any company those Are the most important things, so thumbs up.” - Latonya R.

“Thank you Victor for your time and helping us get the EBT back up and running!!.” - Katie K.

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Last updated May 30, 2019

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