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VMS offers our merchants FREE supplies including printer paper, ink and other resources. To order supplies, use the contact information listed below.

Telephone: 888-902-6227 x350
Email: supplies@getvms.com

Get complimentary logos and credit card merchant supplies that can help you attract high-spending card members.

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You may also fill out the form to submit an order. A representative will contact you with the status of your order.

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Get Up To $250,000 in Working Capital Within 72 Hours

Your business is ready to grow.

Investing in your business keeps you ahead of your competition, but great new ideas cost money. Working Capital Funding from Velocity Merchant Funding will give you the resources you need to fund the growth of your business keeping you ahead of your competition.

Avoid bank or loan hassle.

Working capital from Velocity Merchant Services is based on your current business revenue and not just your credit card processing volume. This means there is no collateral, no hidden fees, and no stacks of paperwork to fill out. You are free from all the hassles of a traditional bank or SBA loan. We will work with you to quickly and easily get you the cash you need to grow your business.

Freedom to expand your business.

Once you’re approved, the money is yours to do with as you please. When you process with us, the money is paid back in proportion to your sales. This relieves the pressure of having to make monthly payments and gives you the freedom to focus on the part of your business you love most.

Get a Free Website for Your Business*

How are your customers finding you online? If you don’t have a website, you could lose credibility and potential sales. Grow and stay ahead of the competition with a new VMS website. Call or click for more information!

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Time to Upgrade Your Equipment?

We give you the option to choose your own Point-Of-Sale equipment based on what will work best for you. Give VMS a call at 888.902.6227 to learn more today, or simply click below to see the latest in POS.

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