Marketing is an essential part of growing your business. However, even the most cost-effective marketing campaigns can be prohibitively expensive for a bootstrapped small business. Fortunately, there are marketing ideas you can try on your own in order to jumpstart your business.

Get active on social media

Depending on the industry and niche you are in, chances are that your customers are on one or more of the popular social media platforms. If you aren’t ready to pay a marketing agency (or hire someone) to conduct social media marketing, you can still get onto Facebook Twitter, etc. on your own and interact with your customers. By engaging with your customers and offering helpful solutions, you can build brand loyalty right from your phone.

Customer loyalty program

 Offering an incentive for customers to come back is a great way to increase customer loyalty. While technically not a “free” marketing concept, you are technically only paying out of additional sales generated by the program, which means you should be better off than you would have been without the customer loyalty program.

Depending on the type of business you run, the specifics of the customer loyalty program will need to vary. However, the goal is to incentive and reward customers for their repeat business, so make sure the reward is enough of an incentive to create this type of behavior.

Email newsletter

An email newsletter is a great way to stay engaged and provide ongoing value for your customers. In addition to providing news and useful information, you can occasionally provide “exclusive’ deals and promotions to your newsletter list, all of which can be used to encourage additional sales.

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