Small business owners have a friend in QuickBooks if you are willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs of this highly useful accounting software. It can help you with a wide range of financial and bookkeeping needs from dealing with payroll and payments processing to organizing your expenses, maximizing your tax deductions, tracking sales tax, and tracking your income, QuickBooks is a sound investment for most small businesses today. These are just a few reasons so many business owners take advantage of QuickBooks for their business needs.

Outstanding Resources and Education

With most software and business apps, the learning curve is the most intimidating aspect of making the switch. QuickBooks goes out of its way to make the learning curve as painless as possible with excellent resources to support you in your efforts to integrate QuickBooks into your business. This includes things like tutorials, access to QuickBooks-certified professional accountants, and extensive help files online to assist you in learning about various QuickBooks products.

Versatility of QuickBooks

The versatility of QuickBooks makes it a popular choice among small businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are several product choices available that are customized to meet the unique needs of certain types of businesses. For instance, independent contractors may not need the full suite of services available to a full-retail operation and new businesses may prefer a “less is more” approach while business owners are learning the ropes of operating a business and managing the books while more experienced retail operations, or those who are expanding and growing, might prefer a few added features that can simplify their bookkeeping and business management.

QuickBooks also offers products for enterprise businesses and not just small businesses. QuickBooks Enterprise brings game-changing technology, features, and support into the picture that can really help you make the transition from a small business organization to one that is poised for rapid growth and expansion. You will even find special features that are industry specific as well as real-time inventory tracking that can help you keep up with inventory on hand, product locations, sales, and identify when it’s time to order new inventory.

Use QuickBooks to quickly and efficiently generate business reports, follow sales figures, view inventory, and even to determine which items are most profitable for your business – all while keeping up with your tax needs, creating custom invoices for your customers, and managing business expenses. More advanced versions of QuickBooks also allow you to sync with bank accounts and apps, create and manage estimates, and more.quick_books_quote.png

What Kinds of Businesses use QuickBooks?

Because QuickBooks is so versatile, it is an excellent choice for a wide variety of businesses including:

  • New Businesses
  • Retail Businesses
  • Independent Contractors
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Restaurants

The bottom line is that whether you’re operating a flower shop or you’re a boutique advertising agency, you can use QuickBooks to help keep your income, invoice, expenses, and taxes in order.

Integrating QuickBooks with Your Business

Many retail businesses operate with some form of terminal or point of sale (POS) system that allow them to accept payments in the form of cash and/or credit cards. QuickBooks can be seamlessly integrated with the Clover™ system to make the processing of credit card payments and acceptance of cash money for products and services easier to record and to aid in inventory management and other aspects of operating a successful small business.

Working with Clover Station and QuickBooks is a terrific way to multiply the efficiency Clover Station POS brings to your business. Not all POS systems offer the degree of versatility and easy integration you will find with Clover products, including the Clover Mini. While QuickBooks has become the “gold standard” for small business accounting software and services, you may find that some of the apps available for POS systems are comparable and may even be more easily customizable to work within the parameters of your business.

Regardless, you will also find, when working within the Clover family of POS products, that there are many apps that actually work with QuickBooks to boost the benefits of Clover Station and various apps that work with it.

The bottom line is that businesses today have plenty of distractions to contend with. Emerging technology and shiny new objects can cause you to move away from tools that are highly effective for helping you grow and manage your business and your business accounts. Combining tools like Clover POS systems (Clover POS Station , Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, or Clover Go) and QuickBooks can provide your business with a powerful edge over not only your competition, but also your previous best years yet.



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