Setting up your online ordering with your own delivery service for your restaurant will keep more money in your small business pocket, instead of paying the 30% to a delivery service like Uber Eats, Grub Hub or Door Dash. Setting up your online ordering from a website or even from a business facebook page or other social media is really simple. Another plus with online ordering is that the orders reliably get to your staff because there is no middle man. When the ordering is done directly to the restaurant, your business is directly interacting with the customer and building a relationship with them while having total control over everything, from getting the food ready to knowing where it needs to go. You can decide whether to put delivery drivers on-staff, or have one of your employees ready to go for delivery, when the calls come in, depending on the location and needs of your business. The great news is you can figure the delivery fee into the bill and pass that fee onto your customer(s) without ever losing any of your return on investment (Cost of food and time you put in preparing the food.)

Many restaurant owners are not aware of how beneficial online ordering would be for their restaurant and unfortunately they think their only option is to use a third-party delivery service to give their customers the convenience that they’re interested in. If you have a menu that travels well and fits in with delivery cuisine, then online ordering is an option worth considering.

The Biggest Delivery Services

Uber Eats, GrubHub and Door Dash are three of the most prominent third-party delivery services in the United States. The availability of any of these options depends on your location.

They function similarly. When a customer places an order with your restaurant, the driver for the delivery service gets a notification. They come to pick it up and deliver it to the customer.

Partnership Costs

The delivery service makes its money by taking a commission from each order. The exact rate varies based on your region and the number of restaurants in the area. Here are some examples of the costs associated with each service.

• GrubHub: You have two rate structures: sponsored and non-sponsored. You can get your restaurant on the service for a 5 to 15 percent commission, but your listing position is lower than sponsored restaurants. You also pay a percentage in delivery fees, which start at 10 percent per order.

• Uber Eats: You pay 30 percent of the order to this service.

• Door Dash: This service charges a variable commission based on your area. It also has advertising opportunities available that incur more fees.

Partnering with a third-party delivery service makes sense for some restaurants, but just because your customers want more than pizza and Chinese food for delivery does not mean you have to lose 30% of your profits for the work you have done. Our suggestion would be to learn how easy it is to use a Clover POS System with some apps that work for your online ordering, such as Smart Online Order or OrderEm and have our Clover Specialist help you set that up. 


Below is a recap of some of the benefits of online ordering to look into: 

-Website and/or Facebook Ordering (Free) – Start accepting online orders today from your website or Facebook.

2. -All orders seamlessly synced to your Clover POS from your website or Facebook page. Orders direct from your website or Facebook to your Clover/kitchen printer. . – Add online ordering to your custom website – This applies if you are using GoDaddy, Wix, Weebly, Square Space, WordPress etc. for your website hosting needs.

3. -Custom App with Online Ordering Create custom app to receive orders from your own app, found in the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll get to keep complete control over your brand.

4. Setup is fast. – Easy-to-use customization for your own look and feel – Setup to receive Pickup Orders and Delivery Orders – Consumers can order and pay from your custom app. If you need help setting this up for your business, our Clover Specialist will help you do this. All you have to do is call: 888-902-6227 x208.

5. -All online orders and tips synced to your Clover POS from your custom app. Orders direct from your app to your kitchen printer. We are a fully integrated with Clover POS, which means no double-entry of every order from web, app, Facebook, and more. We auto import your menu from Clover to setup your restaurant. You will be listed automatically in MunchEm.com with any of these offerings.

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