Café Payment Processing

If you own a café, bistro or coffee shop, you want to meet your customers where they are. The right coffee shop merchant services can help you serve customers faster during the morning rush, set up reward systems for your regulars and take a range of payment methods.


The Needs of Your Coffee Shop

Velocity Merchant Services (VMS) specializes in offering payment processing for small businesses, including coffee shops like yours. We recognize no two coffee shops are the same, and it’s not just because you have different baristas and different coffee roasts.

Your café may want to be able to offer mobile payments so you can show up at community events, or you may have an amazing rewards program you want to launch. Maybe you want to let customers pay with credit cards, or you just want a secure, reliable way to let customers pay for their cappuccinos, lattes and other favorites.


VMS Services for Your Café

Your cafe merchant service from VMS handles all of this and more. Our secure Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems let you take credit cards at your coffee shop and also accept debit, cash and other payment methods. Our mobile POS solutions are ideal for pop-up shops and coffee food trucks, while our online merchant services are perfect if you want regulars to be able to order and pay for a coffee and muffin before they arrive at your shop.

VMS starts by having your dedicated Clover® specialist guide you through the POS options. Our team learns about your goals and your coffee shop so we can recommend the POS or merchant services you need. Our goal is to help you get a system that lets you accomplish success on your terms. Whether you want to be able to track regulars’ orders or offer the fastest pay system on your block, we have you covered.

Our POS systems include EMV chip technology for the ultimate in security, so your customers can order with confidence, even during early morning pre-espresso fog. You’ll enjoy keeping up with the competition by letting your customers pay with mobile devices, EBT and other payment methods.

Integrate Café Customer Loyalty

Our systems also come with apps to help you manage your business. Since your POS is the lifeblood of your system, why not use the apps to integrate seamlessly with your finance software or keep track of customer points.

VMS helps you accept gift cards, set up virtual punch card programs that can be used on mobile phones and create rewards programs. Coffee lovers tend to find a favorite café and keep coming back. With VMS and our systems, we can help you create a way to entice customers from their very first visit.

At VMS, we offer a free website, free next day shipping on your system, a lifetime warranty and outstanding 24/7 customer support. Contact us today to find out how we can help your café or take the first steps to set up your customized payment system.

Find out how we can help your café or take the first steps to set up your customized payment system.

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