Tattoo Payment and Waiver Processing

Tattoo shops and artists can benefit from payment processing from Velocity Merchant Services (VMS). Unlike other merchant services, we don’t provide cookie-cutter Point-of-Sale (POS) systems. We know your tattoo shop is different from a yoga studio or a restaurant. That’s why we offer business-specific solutions that are fully customizable.

Benefits of Waiver Master for Tattoo Shops

Imagine having the power to capture a client’s waiver form and driver’s license, directly from your POS system. No more paper or pens! With Waiver Master, your signed tattoo waivers and copies of IDs are electronically captured and stored securely in the cloud for easy reference.

With Waiver Master as part of your POS, you’ll enjoy:

  • Compatibility: This app is optimized for Clover®, including Station, Mini and more. With a few clicks, you can easily launch any waiver form for signature, then rest assured it’s safe and sound.
  • Works on any device: You can be mobile and run your busy tattoo parlor from any tablet or smartphone.
  • Unlimited forms: Go paper-free! Plus, you can attach ID images to your electronic waivers with additional fields.
  • Flexible subscription model: Create a plan that fits your tattoo business needs, and change it any time!

Why Tattoo Merchant Services?

It’s different right from the start. When you work with VMS, you work with a personal Clover® specialist who will guide you through the solutions we provide. You’ll be able to pick the POS card processing system that helps make business more profitable and easy for you.

We also get to know your business and your needs. Our team can answer all your questions and help you with the customization and set up, whether you’ve always taken cash or have tried different POS systems with little success.

Getting tattoo shop card processing solutions from VMS allows you to:

  • Get more competitive: If you are only equipped to handle cash payments, you’re turning customers away. By letting clients pay by card, cash, debit, gift card and even mobile phone, you’re allowing more people to use your services.
  • Get mobile: Want to go to a convention or trade show for tattoo artists? Would you like to grow your business with mobile services? Mobile POS solutions allow you to get paid even on the road. In your tattoo shop, mobile POS means you can get paid right at the chair, without having to spend extra time at your desk.
  • Spend less time on bureaucracy: You want to spend more time on your art, not on looking at analytics or on trying to figure out whether your receipts match what you were paid. VMS solutions come with apps and can be customized and integrated with your current software, so you can keep track of sales and organize your finances.
  • Spend more time doing what you love: With the right tattoo shop merchant service from VMS, you can take credit cards and allow for fast payment. You get to spend more time creating stunning artwork and less time typing on bookkeeping software or trying to count out cash at an old register.
  • Reward your loyal customers: VMS can help you set up loyalty programs for your customers, so you can enjoy more business while your customers save money.
  • Get support when you need it: Have you been hesitating on getting merchant and POS solutions because you assume you need lots of tech knowledge? Not with VMS. Our POS solutions are intuitive, easy to use and secure. You’ll be able to operate them quickly. Of course, our 24/7 support is always there as well if you need help or have questions.


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