Mobile Credit Card Processing and Payment Solutions

Your business may not happen in one place. Velocity Merchant Services has several Point-of-Sale (POS) systems that will allow you to accept mobile payments through a range of methods, including major credit cards, debit and more. Mobile credit card processing has never been easier!

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Mobile Payment System Options

Velocity Merchant Services offers mobile phone merchant services and three systems:

mobile payment solution velocity merchant services credit card processing

Clover® Go

Clover® Go Contactless Reader. Ready out of the box, this device will turn your smart phone into a payment system that allows for EMV® chip and swipe cards as well as Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Google Pay® payments. This powerful system is also customizable, letting you set tax rates, tips, worker permissions and more. You can text or email receipts to customers and keep track of your transaction history for your records and marketing.

mobile payment solution velocity merchant services credit card processing


This system will let your Apple or Android mobile device accept payments anywhere you go. The card reader is very durable, secure and fast, and with the SwipeSimple app, the system is highly flexible in any environment. With real-time reporting, e-receipts, team permissions, inventory management, tip settings, customizable receipts, sales data and more features, you’ll have everything you need in the palm of your hand to succeed on the go.

mobile payment solution velocity merchant services credit card processing

Clover® Flex

Just hand this device to customers wherever they are and they can swipe, tap or dip, then type in their PIN and sign. It’s a simple and powerful full-featured POS system in a small package. When you need big power but want a small and ergonomic device that you can hold for hours, this system is the perfect solution.

Get Paid Where Your Customers Are with Mobile Credit Card Processing

The days of opening a classic brick and mortar operation are all but over. Unless you’re building something or manufacturing something, many of your sales – or at least when your sales are completed – are occurring somewhere other than your headquarters. If they’re not, then you may need to adjust so that this can happen for you. Mobile credit card processing is the way to make that happen, as it’ll expand your operation from whatever the square footage is at your facility to wherever you can go in a vehicle or even on an airplane.

However, adding mobile payment processing to your operation isn’t as simple as signing up for a service, downloading an app or software and being ready to go. You need experienced professionals working with you who understand mobile credit card processing intimately so that if or when you encounter an unexpected situation, you know you’ll get the expert-level help you need. Many times, you’ll need this help at a moment’s notice, as your would-be customer is ready to pay you and you need to get that done. You don’t have time to fill out a form or ticket and wait 24 – 48 hours for a generic response.

Velocity Merchant Services is the mobile credit card processing team that you need. One of the reasons we included the word “Velocity” in our company name is because we work at a high rate of speed, which means that we help our customers quickly and efficiently. Therefore, you can add mobile credit card processing to your offerings with the confidence that it’ll happen smoothly.

Whether you want to sell at trade shows, pop-up stores, events, farmer’s markets or in your customers’ homes, you need to be able to accept payment on the go. Any company offering delivery or services outside of one set place needs to keep things flexible, and a mobile payment system offers just the thing.

Why Choose Velocity Merchant Services for Mobile Credit Card Processing Solutions?

VMS has more than two decades of experience and an in-house 24/7 support team. Our consultants will meet with you to help you figure out what systems you need, and we’ll work hard to save you money on every transaction. Velocity Merchant Services offers customizable, transparent and efficient services that can help you make more sales in more places.

Ready to discuss taking mobile payments on-the-go?

Want to take sales on the go? Whether you want to offer delivery, plan to make in-home sales or want to go to where your customers are at events, it’ll be easy to accept secure mobile payments. Just reach out to us for your free consultation, and we can take care of the details.

Velocity Merchant Services will work hard to pair you with the right mobile payment system and save you money by ensuring you get the right fit — without the extra features you won’t use. Our smart mobile credit card processing systems will give you all the tools you need at your fingertips to make a profit.

What really sets us apart is our customer service. When you call us, you’ll get to talk to a human instead of humming along to hold music. We care, and that shows in every interaction we have. If you’re ready to see what a difference our dedication makes, contact us for a free discussion about your needs.

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