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With both cloud-based terminals and online gateways, you have options when it comes to running your business by accepting online payments.
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Online Payment Solutions

Even stores with a long-term brick-and-mortar presence accept online payments and have web sales today. Having an online store and accepting online payments instantly increases the number of potential customers you could have.

The right online payment solution and a delivery system will allow literally the entire world to be a sales lead. And if you’re just starting a business, deciding to stay online entirely and accept online payments will let you keep overhead low and allow you to reach a potentially massive audience. If you want to accept credit card payments online, however, you need a service that offers:

online payments Velocity Merchant Services credit card processing

Speed and reliability 

Downtime costs you money and pushes your customers away. When you’re choosing a merchant service and online payment processor, look for someone you can count on.

online payments Velocity Merchant Services credit card processing


Customers are more savvy today and expect the latest security features. Your payment system needs to be safe so that customers feel comfortable doing business with you. You want to look for an online payment system that reflects well on your brand.

online payments Velocity merchant services credit card processing


If you have questions or need help, you want answers fast. Every minute counts online, because you could be losing sales every minute things aren’t working. Fortunately, Velocity Merchant Services offers responsive 24/7 in-house support. It’s top in the industry, so you never have to worry about your online sales suffering.

online payments velocity merchant services credit card processing

Accept Payments Online using a Cloud-Based Terminal

Take advantage of the rapidly growing online market by accepting credit card online payments anywhere. With an easy, secure payment gateway and a merchant account, you’ll be able to send eInvoices, set up recurring billing, and store customers payment information from VMS Gateway’s cloud-based web app. VMS Gateway is compatible with most eCommerce platforms. Our developers will help you integrate VMS Gateway into your existing eCommerce website or help you build a site to sell your products online.

online payments velocity merchant services credit card processing

Save Time by Plugging into QuickBooks®

Eliminate the need to enter transaction data twice when you integrate our SyncPay plugin solution into your QuickBooks® software. With QuickBooks® SyncPay, merchants can process the transaction, create an appropriate accounting entry and automatically mark the transaction as paid without ever leaving the QuickBooks® environment.

online payments velocity merchant services credit card processing

Recurring Billing

Help your customers never miss a payment. VMS Gateway offers recurring billing and sends payment reminders to help you always get paid on time.

online payments velocity merchant services credit card processing

Paperless Billing

Save money by storing all payment information digitally. Send and archive e-Invoices and receipts using the cloud and remove the risk of losing or misplacing important information. VMS Gateway makes it easy to manage invoice history to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

How to Accept Credit Cards Online

With website merchant services from VMS, accepting credit cards online has never been easier. Just contact us for a free discussion about your needs. We can help you choose the system that’s best for you based on those needs, and once you’ve applied and been approved for merchant services, we can send you the hardware and get you set up. It’s never been easier to sell online, securely and fast!

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